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Upcoming trade shows worldwide featuring fast-growing companies in rotorcraft, metal fabrication, additive manufacturing and more!

📆 November 8th -10th, 2022 📍Cologne, Germany

➡️ North America's Largest Metalworking and Fabrication Trade Show

📆 November 8th -10th, 2022 📍Atlanta, United States

📆 November 15th -17th, 2022 📍Amsterdam, Netherlands

➡️ Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Convention

📆 November 15th -18th, 2022 📍Frankfurt, Germany


Did you know that Gazelle is the only sales platform that allows submissions for custom requests for Trade Shows and Featured Lists? This feature allows you to request the exhibitors’ lists of the Trade Shows you're attending or interested in. As you know, exhibitor companies are more likely to be in growth and expansion mode. Submit your list of trade shows below!

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🔒CRYPTO4A TECHNOLOGIES (HQ: Canada) specializes in quantum-ready cybersecurity solutions that address the ever-changing environments and the complexities driven by our connected economies, identity-based digital transformations, DevSecOps teams and cloud-based or hybrid deployments. Crypto4A is looking to expand into the United States. Learn more about the Crypto4A project here.

🔋TERRAPOWER (HQ: United States) creates technologies to provide carbon-free energy via a nuclear-based procedure called the travelling wave reactor (TWR). TerraPower also develops processes to extract radioisotopes for medical use in cancer treatments. Their approach simplifies the nuclear energy supply chain and mitigates shortcomings of standard nuclear energy technologies. TerraPower plans on expanding its operation into Western Europe. Learn more about the TerraPower project here.

🚀ISAR AEROSPACE (HQ: Germany) is a launch service provider for small and medium-sized space satellites. The company's vehicles are designed using automation, additive manufacturing technology, and carbon composite materials. Isar Aerospace aims to lower barriers to the space industry by developing cost-effective and sustainable launch solutions. The company's operations span over four countries: Germany, Sweden, Norway and the United States. Isar Aerospace is looking to expand into Japan. Learn more about the Isar Aerospace project here.

📱EZ BLOCKCHAIN (HQ: United States) designs and manages physical blockchain infrastructure. The company has developed a plug-and-play EZ smart-grid solution that uses wasted energy from flared gas, solar, or wind to generate electricity for its mobile cryptocurrency mining units. EZ Blockchain is looking to expand its operations into Canada. Learn more about the EZ Blockchain project here.

🥬 SQUARE ROOTS (HQ: United States) specializes in urban indoor farming by providing scalable farm-tech platforms that focus on distributing food to urban areas while simultaneously training future generations of farmers. Square Roots plans to expand throughout the United States. Learn more about the Square Roots project here.

💻 LILY AI (HQ: United States) is a customer-centred platform that supports eCommerce development. Lily AI injects robust product attribute data and unique customer intent into the eCommerce stack, supercharging retailers by improving on-site search, personalized product discovery, recommendations, and demand prediction. Lily AI is looking to expand into Western Europe. Learn more about the Lily AI project here.

🧬 NU-TEK BIOSCIENCES (HQ: United States) produces and sells innovative ingredients for customers in the biotech and nutraceutical industry. Nu-Tek BioSciences' soy peptones are Animal-Free, Non-GM, and Kosher-friendly. Their solutions include yield-improving fermentation ingredients and those used in wellness foods. Nu-Tek Biosciences is looking to expand into Japan. Learn more about the Nu-Tek Biosciences project here.

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Happy Gazelle-ing from your Customer Success team 😀

Happy Gazelle-ing from your Customer Success team 😀
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