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How to request a Trade Show or Featured List
How to request a Trade Show or Featured List

Submit your requests at least 60 days in advance!

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Updated over a week ago is proud to be the only sales intelligence platform that allows its customers to submit custom requests for Trade Shows and Featured Lists!

Trade Shows

This amazing feature allows you to request the Exhibitors lists of the Trade Shows you're planning to attend, or those you just have a general interest in. As you know, companies that are exhibiting at a Trade Show are more likely to be growing and expanding. Their participation provides you with a great indicator of potential growth. While we already have many shows listed for 2023 there may be one that's of interest to you that we don't currently have included in our roadmap.

Customers with a subscription level of Expert or higher can submit their custom Trade Show requests using this form. The Trade Show must meet these requirements:

1. Have a minimum of 50 exhibitors

2. Be internationally focused

3. The start date is at least 60 days away

4. The list of exhibitors has to be publicly available

New data, including trade shows, are uploaded into Gazelle on a monthly basis. If you’re not sure if your show meets these requirements, submit the request and we will review it on a case by case basis.

Before Submitting Your Request

Before submitting your request, we recommend checking our upcoming trade shows list to see if the show you are interested in is on our road map. Keep an eye on our upcoming trade show’s by using the ‘upcoming’ filter under the ‘year’ menu of the trade shows tool.

Featured Lists

Featured Lists are a great source of leads as well, as those listed in "Top" or "Fastest Growing" lists are often ready for expansion. More than that, if you're on the hunt for something very targeted, a Featured List might provide you with a great source of data for that search.

Submitting a request for a custom Featured List is easy. Use this link to provide your basic information, as well as the name and link to your requested Featured List. Give us about 60 days to action your request and voila!

We release all new data on a monthly basis, and announce all updates in our newsletters and in a monthly round-up email. Keep an eye out for those emails or email us at to subscribe.

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