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Gazelle: A Lightcast Company

Welcome back to Gazelle's exclusive customer newsletter. Discover the latest website and platform updates, meet our amazing Customer Success team, and benefit from their valuable platform tips. Stay tuned for upcoming trade shows and access to exhibiting companies.

Website and Platform Access

Heads up! Gazelle’s platform login is permanently moving to the Lightcast website. This change aligns with our acquisition plan, as we redirect the entire Gazelle website to Lightcast. This redirect will take effect June 30th.

You can find the login at the top of this page which we recommend bookmarking. You can anticipate more content updates as the migration process progresses.

Have acquisition-related questions? Connect with your account manager or consult the FAQ below. For connectivity issues use Gazelle's chat function.

Get to Know Your Account Managers

We extend our sincere gratitude to our loyal customers for their unwavering support during this transition. As we enter a new era, be assured that our dedication to providing exceptional customer service remains our top priority. Let's reconnect and reintroduce ourselves!

Jenna Lane

Since joining Gazelle in September 2021, Jenna has found joy in engaging with our customers and uncovering how Gazelle impacts their work. She is also fascinated by the innovative ways our customers leverage our data, constantly seeking unique use cases. Outside the office, Jenna appreciates spending time at the local beach.

Jenna's platform tip

Harness the power of the GIS tool to visually explore clusters and company distribution within your lists. This helps identify target markets, which can be further analyzed with filters like our G-Score.

Peter Roloff

A dedicated Gazelle team member since April 2021, Peter takes pride in connecting with new customers and providing them with efficient, comprehensive, and delightful training experiences to ensure their maximum satisfaction. Outside the professional realm, Peter finds joy in attending concerts and immersing himself in music.

Peter's platform tip

When saving a folder, remember to add a date and the search URL in the description box. This small but impactful step will optimize your organization.

Dalal Alkaldy

A dedicated member of Gazelle since February 2022, Dalal thrives on building connections with global organizations and gaining insights on their regions and industries. Dalal is also passionate about helping each of her accounts. Dalal likes to unwind by doing hot yoga or walking by the lake.

Dalal's platform tips

  • Be proactive by regularly checking our updated projects section to ensure you're the first to connect with expanding companies.

  • Broaden your scope by considering companies that have secured funding within the past 12 months.

Alara Dileklen

Since joining Gazelle in May 2022, Alara has thrived on discovering emerging industries and finding creative ways to ensure the success of our customers' outreach efforts. Outside the office, Alara unwinds by gardening and appreciates hosting picnics by the shore.

Alara's platform tip

Use the map view in the company finder to gain insights into regional industry and company clusters to enable effective business retention strategies.

Want to discover more tips that will elevate your Gazelle experience? Consult our Help Center featuring how-to-guides, FAQs and more.

Upcoming Trade Shows

Discover upcoming trade shows with impressive exhibitor lists, offering opportunities to strategically propel your community's growth.

Cultivate ‘23 🌻

Discover the exhibiting companies and stakeholders attending Cultivate ‘23: a pivotal horticulture industry event in Columbus from July 15 to 18.

Energy Next

Discover the exhibiting companies at Energy Next, a gathering in Sydney, Australia on July 18 and 19. Experience the latest renewable energy technologies firsthand.

AWFS Fair 🪵

Learn about the products and services transforming the woodworking industry and engage with the exhibiting companies in Anaheim from July 25 to 28.

Blackhat USA 💻

Explore the latest developments in the cybersecurity industry and connect with industry stakeholders and the exhibiting companies in Las Vegas from August 5 to 10.

Until next time, happy Gazelle-ing!

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