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The (electrifying) world of semiconductors 🔋
The (electrifying) world of semiconductors 🔋
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Ahh, semiconductors. We’ve all heard about them, but what are they, and why are they so hyped up? Semiconductors are silicon or germanium-based materials that when combined with impurities, can produce conductivity, AKA electricity. Likewise, they are essential for powering computers, smartphones, vehicles, energy sources, and plenty more technologies.

Societal changes like remote work have generated more demand for computation, data storage and wireless products, explaining the demand surge for semiconductors. Despite chip shortages, the industry revenues are estimated to reach $1,033.5 billion USD by 2031 and register a CAGR of 6.21% between 2022 and 2031. Newsletter divider French Newsletter Link Newsletter divider

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The NAICS code function is a great way to learn about key semiconductor industry leaders. Below are a few worth considering for your next lead! Newsletter divider

Going Global

Browse the globe with the help of our GIS tool to discover the world's leading semiconductor companies.

North America

Semiconductor companies in North America

Latin America

Semiconductor Companies in Latin America


Semiconductor companies in Europe


Semiconductor companies in the APAC region


Explore some of the hottest semiconductor-related expansion projects!

💻 Syntiant (HQ: United States) provides chip solutions by merging deep learning and semiconductor designs to produce efficient, neural network processors for AI consumer applications and industrial usage. Syntiant is looking to expand into Germany. Learn more

🍃 Erco Energía (HQ: Colombia) implements the distribution of clean energy resources like solar energy and energy storage. Their app enables the tracking of renewable energy projects while their cloud monitors the yield of resources. Erco Energía is looking to expand throughout the United States. Learn more

🧪 Fluidigm (HQ: United States) manufactures biotech research equipment. Their products contain single-use biochips instrumentation that manages biochips and software for instrument operation and data collection and analysis. Fluidigm is looking to expand into Thailand. Learn more

⌚SiFive (HQ: United States) designs chips for the semiconductor industry. Their products are used for microcontrollers, IoT, and wearables. Their open-source and software automation methods enable faster hardware production. SiFive is looking to expand into Costa Rica. Learn more Newsletter divider

Trade Shows

Discover some of the top-rated companies attending this highly praised trade show.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Held from January 5th-8th, 2023 in Las Vegas, CES is the world's most influential tech event.

Planning an outreach strategy for CES? MaxLinear should be on your radar! The company is shaping the future of global networking and communications by creating smarter and faster networks. MaxLinear makes multi-gig connectivity a reality via its digital, analog, radio frequency and mixed-signal integrated circuits and software system solutions. Discover more exhibitors Newsletter divider


Want to refine your semiconductor company search? Take advantage of our keyword function to target the most promising sectors, including:

Chips Newsletter divider

Featured Lists

Check out these two featured lists of impressive semiconductor companies!

Fastest-Growing Semiconductor Companies

Standing out from our list is Plasma-Therm, a manufacturer of plasma-processing equipment that offers etched, deposition, and plasma-dicing technologies used in semiconductor packaging, solid-state lighting and data storage. Their participation at the 2022 Electronica, SEMICON Europa and SEMICON Korea trade shows and G-Score of 5 indicate Plasma-Therm's steady growth trajectory. View the full list

Global Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies to Watch

Another impressive company is Microchip Technology, which manufactures semiconductor products for embedded control applications. Their development tools and products enable optimal designs, reduce risk and lower total system costs. Their participation at the 2022 Sensors Expo, and Sido and scheduled attendance at the 2023 CES trade show combined with their G-Score of 6 reveal the continued growth that this company is experiencing. View the full list Newsletter divider

Platform Updates

G-Score Updates Coming Soon!

Please be advised that our G-Scores will soon be updated to reflect industry changes, namely those affected by the economic impacts of the pandemic, which included regional and industry signals such as employment, supply chain, trade, industrial production, and more.

The G-Scores of companies impacted may affect the already curated lists you’ve saved within the platform and your downloads folder. (This is a great opportunity to download your lists onto your device. Learn how here.)

Stay tuned for more information including an upcoming insights help center article and webinar featuring our data experts! Newsletter divider

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