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It's Data Time ⏰ New Projects, trade shows and featured lists inside πŸ‘€
It's Data Time ⏰ New Projects, trade shows and featured lists inside πŸ‘€
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πŸš— VOLTA TRUCKS (HQ: Sweden) is a leading full-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer and services provider. Volta Trucks is currently looking to expand into France. Learn more about Volta Trucks projects here.

πŸ”‹BERGEN CARBON SOLUTIONS (HQ: Norway) is a public company that develops and manufactures carbon nanofibers using CO2 and Norwegian Hydropower. Their product is used for a variety of applications such as additive to composite, lithium-based batteries, supercapacitors, and solar desalination. Bergen Carbon Solutions is currently looking to expand into France. Learn more about Bergen Carbon Solutions projects here.

🌬️ NORTHLAND POWER (HQ: Canada) Northland builds, owns, and operates sustainable infrastructure assets that produce green solar and wind energy as well as natural gas. Northland Power is currently looking to expand into Switzerland. Learn more about Northland Power projects here.

πŸ₯˜ ATLAST FOOD (HQ: United States) Atlast Food is a producer and manufacturer of plant-based meats and uses mycelium to grow whole-food "meats" and reduce the environmental impact of food. Atlast Food is currently looking to expand into Canada. Learn more about Atlast Food projects here.

πŸ“Š FIBER MOUNTAIN (HQ: United States) provides hardware and software to build intelligent physical layer systems. The company uses sensor technology and software, with fiber optic cables and patch panels to provide real-time knowledge about deployed topology, network connectivity, planned and unplanned changes, security and intrusion detection, and overall health of the data center physical infrastructure. Fiber Mountain is currently looking to expand throughout the United States. Learn more about Fiber Mountain projects here.



Upcoming trade shows worldwide featuring fast-growing companies in advertising, franchise, manufacturing, and more!

πŸ“† May 23rd - 25th, 2022 πŸ“ Dallas, United States

(Focusing on the latest technologies, systems, and services for production- and manufacturing)

πŸ“† May 31st - June 3rd, 2022πŸ“ Hamburg, Germany

πŸ“† June 2nd - 4th, 2022πŸ“ Indianapolis, United States

πŸ“† June 2nd - 4th, 2022πŸ“New York, United States


This month's data upload features companies that are grabbing our attention! Click to see who made this list.

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