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πŸ‚ October 14th Data Upload πŸ‚
πŸ‚ October 14th Data Upload πŸ‚
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Welcome back to the October 14th edition of the newsletter! πŸ™Œ This edition is absolutely jam-packed with new and exciting data from our latest upload. Below you will find a MAJOR data dose from our latest update, including new special projects from the Asia Pacific, North American, and Western Europe regions, new featured lists, and of course, a new trade shows list.

As always, if you ever want to see something more specific, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our team members here. πŸ˜€

➑️ New Special Projects

Asia Pacific

Origami Energy Ltd uses a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) model to manage the flows of energy and capacity between physical sites, providing services to renewable energy generators, storage providers, and energy users. Click here for more details.
Konectcity offers a real-time representation of heterogeneous data generated by different sources, platforms, systems, sensors, and databases. It can monitor, control and manage through a single interface to integrate every piece of technology existing or new for rapid response. Click here for more details.
Microchip Technology Inc. is a publicly listed American corporation that manufactures microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP integrated circuits. Click here for more details.
Symphony Communication Services Holdings LLC is a developer of a cloud-based open-source, secure communication and workflow platform that aims to improve workplace productivity and connects users to their community. Click here for more details.
ServiceNow Inc. provides cloud computing solutions and automation services for global enterprises. It develops workflow solutions and focuses on service management for customer support, human resources, security operations, and other enterprise departments. Click here for more details.
β€‹πŸŽ§ SONOS 🎧
Sonos Inc. is an American developer and manufacturer of wireless audio systems. Their devices support streaming services worldwide, providing customers with access to music, internet radio, podcasts, and audiobooks, with control from Android smartphones, iPhones, or iPads. Click here for more details.

North America

TrueNorth is a software development company offering development solutions and services to digitally transform medium and large enterprises. Click here for more details.
β€‹πŸ’» HYPERTEC πŸ’»
Hypertec Group is a global provider of information technology products and services. Hypertec Group, through its 5 divisions, CIARA, Hypertec BCDR, Hypertec DCS, Hypertec Direct, and Hypertec Systems, offers a full range of IT products and services, including PCs, laptops, workstations, printers, servers, network appliances, and storage devices. Click here for more details.
Eirtech Aviation is an established aircraft refinishing company with extensive experience in aircraft livery, interior repair and refurbishment. The company provides design engineering, manufacturing, and product solutions, as well as asset management and CAMO services that ensure regulatory compliance with FAA EASA. Click here for more details.
Taeillo is a premium Afro-urban furniture and lifestyle design brand with afro-centric contemporary furniture pieces using its e-commerce and social commerce platform that embeds augmented and virtual reality to amplify a personalized customer experience. Click here for more details.
Sensient Natural Ingredients produces farm-to-table ingredients and solutions that use natural ingredients. The company grows their organic crops in the fertile fields of the United States and continues to identify new organic ingredients to expand our organic footprint. Click here for more details.
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» INNOENERGY πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»
EIT InnoEnergy is an innovation engine for sustainable energy businesses across Europe and is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Click here for more details.

Western Europe
πŸ₯€ KONINGS N.VπŸ₯€Konings N.V is a European beverage co-manufacturer and co-filler that focuses on the packaging and production of private label juices, smoothies, ciders, soft drinks, fermented drinks, beers, wines, cocktails, and various distilled products. Click here for more details.
Blendhub is a multinational food technology company that develops and produces Food-as-a-Service. The company's technology facilitates the localized design, sourcing, blending, and distribution of powder-based food and nutrition products. Click here for more details.
Buggypower develops and produces innovative and sustainable biomass products obtained from marine microalgae. Click here for more details.
​πŸ–₯ XOMETRY πŸ–₯
Xometry Inc. operates as an online marketplace that connects customers with a network of more than 5,000 manufacturers. Click here for more details.
Powerstove Energy designs, manufactures, and distributes affordable clean cooking stoves that self-generate electricity, using 70% less biomass to cook food 5x faster than traditional stoves. Click here for more details.

➑️ Featured Lists

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➑️ Trade Shows

This is a must-read list of trade shows happening throughout October and November in major industries like Food & Beverage, Aerospace, Manufacturing and Automotive. Learn more here.

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