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We hope your day is unfolding swiftly. Have you ever wondered about the opportunities that lie in the logistics industry? Keep reading to discover how Gazelle can assist your community in unlocking new opportunities across the sector.

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Making the World Go Round

In 2020, the logistics industry faced significant challenges that resulted in supply chain slowdowns. This emphasized the role of the logistics workforce in driving economic prosperity and supporting everyday life.

With its pivotal role in storing, packing, handling and distributing essential goods, the logistics industry is poised to exceed a market size of 14.08 trillion USD by 2028.


Begin your logistics industry research by exploring relevant NAICS codes such as:


Looking for alternatives to traditional NAICS codes? Consider the following keywords:

You can also fine tune your research by entering custom keywords in the company finder search bar such as:

Expansion Projects

Is your community prepared to welcome expanding businesses operating in the logistics industry or related sectors? Consider these expansion projects with global destinations.

📦 Transpak (HQ: United States): Provides custom packaging, logistics, and design services across transportation, supply chain, product package design and manufacturing sectors. Transpak plans on expanding in Thailand. Learn more

🦾 AI Drivers (HQ: United Kingdom): Specializes in AI-enabled autonomous mobility solutions for ports and logistics. The company focuses on optimizing resiliency and safety for sustainable operations. AI Drivers is seeking expansion in the United States. Learn more

⚙️ First Line Software (HQ: United States): Provides software engineering and advisory services to middle-market and corporate customers in healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics. First Line Software plans on expanding in Chile. Learn more

🍲 Manna Drone Delivery (HQ: Ireland): Offers affordable and sustainable drone delivery service to restaurant chains, dark kitchens, and online food delivery platforms. Manna Drone Delivery is seeking expansion in the United States. Learn more

Trade Show Exhibitors

Explore additional companies that participated in the following trade shows, showcasing the groundbreaking innovations driving the logistics industry forward.

Transport Logistics: Held in Munich, this May 2023 event featured over 800 Gazelle exhibiting companies. Discover the exhibitors

SITL Paris: Held in March 2023, this event brought together over 200 Gazelle companies in the transportation and logistics sectors. Discover the exhibitors

Pro Mat Show: Also held in March, in Chicago, this event gathered over 600 Gazelle companies in the manufacturing and supply chain sector. Discover the exhibitors

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