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Feeding the Future

Agriculture technology or AgTech uses modern tools to improve farming practices and food production. The impact of AgTech is already being felt globally for increasing yield efficiency and for providing sustainable harvesting techniques.

Business-wise, AgTech is also creating plenty of new opportunities. Indeed, its value is estimated to reach USD 36.24 Billion by 2030 with a CAGR of 10.8%. Sectoral trends include controlled environment agriculture (CEA), the rise of automated vertical farms, and the role of universities in leading research and innovation. Keep reading to discover groundbreaking AgTech companies whose work will nourish your region's appetite for growth. newsletter divider

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Discover a handful of AgTech expansion projects that are revolutionizing the agri-food sector globally.

πŸ„ OneCup AI (HQ: Canada) offers a monitoring platform that uses computer vision and face recognition for livestock. Their AI-enabled tech empowers ranchers by tracking the health, activity, nutrition and growth of animals. OneCup AI is looking to expand into Australia. Learn more

πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ Xfarm (HQ: Italy) is a tech company that is digitizing the agri-food sector by supporting farmers and other stakeholders. They provide IoT sensors, training activities, algorithms applied to agriculture and applications for farm management. Xfarm is looking to expand into France. Learn more

πŸ”¬ Solar Biotech (HQ: United States) provides cell-based bio-manufacturing technologies and produces SynBio food products via precision fermentation. They're involved in the FoodTech space and aim to offer sustainable, traceable and healthier products. Solar Biotech is looking to expand into Thailand. Learn more

πŸ₯¬ AeroFarms (HQ: United States) is an indoor vertical farming company that produces leafy greens without sunlight, soil, or pesticides. Their proprietary platform supports the growth of diverse, nutritious and traceable produce. Aerofarms is looking to expand into Canada. Learn more newsletter divider

Going Global

Explore some of the most innovative AgTech companies in the world thanks to our map feature! Want to use a more micro lens? Click on the maps, zoom in and geo-fence your area of interest.

North America

European AgTech Clusters

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European AgTech Clusters


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Trade Shows

Discover companies who've attended these events exploring a number of innovations applicable to AgTech.

GreenTech Americas

Hosted in Mexico from March 21st-23rd, GreenTech Americas is a unique event specializing in the controlled environment production of high-value crops. The event gathers innovative companies like Syngenta with expertise in plant breeding and crop protection and Priva North America, a tech company that is helping conserve resources used for indoor horticultural practices.

Fruit Logistica

Did you know? Fruit Logistica gathers hundreds of companies operating in the fresh produce business across the entire supply chain. Revolutionary exhibiting companies include Origene Seeds, whose mission is to set new agricultural boundaries via the creation of vegetable hybrids. newsletter divider

Featured Lists

Discover more AgTech companies that are redefining farming through these two featured lists.

Fastest Growing AGTech

Aerobotics is a South African company that uses AI, analytics, machine learning and drone-obtained aerial imagery to alert farmers of crops that necessitate attention. Thanks to them, farmers can optimize and better protect their yields season after season. View the full list

Sustainable Development Technology Canada

Verdi’s contributions to farming are impressive. The BC-based company aims to climate-proof the sector thanks to its platform that enables hyper-specific actions like irrigation. Their technology allows optimal management and scaling of precision agriculture. View the full list newsletter divider

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