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Planet-conscious insights to help you prosper 🌱
Planet-conscious insights to help you prosper 🌱

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Green Growth

The time to invest in renewable energy sources and clean technologies is now. Environmental activists and consumers have been pushing for greener regulations and business practices. Luckily, their efforts have started to materialize into new business models that respect both the economy and its supportive environment. Likewise, the renewable energy sector market size is on the rise and is anticipated to reach 1.129 billion US dollars by 2027.

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Ready to launch your search for renewable energy and sustainable companies? Begin by filtering through different North American industries using NAICS codes such as those listed below. newsletter divider


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Going Global

Use our GIS tool to locate the world's most sustainably oriented companies. Need to use a more micro lens? Click on the maps, zoom in and geo-fence your area of interest!

North American clusters of sustainable companies
South American clusters of sustainable companies

European clusters of sustainable companies
Asia-Pacific clusters of sustainable companies newsletter divider

Trade Shows

Discover some highly praised trade shows and their exhibiting companies that are helping address environmental challenges.

Intersolar North America

Takes place from February 14th to 16th in Long Beach, Intersolar North America explores the latest solar energy technologies, services and companies striving to create a positive planetary impact.

Planning an outreach strategy for Intersolar? Reach out to Yetta Energy, whose battery storage devices easily integrate with photovoltaics. Their operations are also helpful in reducing the costs of designing, installing, and maintaining energy storage systems.

Power Gen International

Happening from February 21st- 23rd in Orlando, Power Generation International is the networking event for electricity generators and solution providers engaged in power generation.

Attending Power Gen? Have a look at Plug Power, a hydrogen and fuel cell company that offers clean hydrogen and zero-emission fuel cell solutions. Their leading hydrogen powers electric motors and is helping the transportation industry shift to cleaner, more sustainable operations. Discover more exhibitors newsletter divider


Explore some of the most forward-thinking companies and their energy-efficient expansion projects.

☀️ Naked Energy (HQ: United Kingdom) develops high-density thermal solar technology. Their patented product converts the sun’s energy into electricity and heat to power commercial and industrial markets. Naked Energy is looking to expand into the Philippines. Learn more

🔋 Evonix (HQ: United States) produces silicon-anode lithium-ion batteries. Their environmentally conscious and high-energy products support the creation of reliable mobile devices. Evonix is looking to expand throughout the United States. Learn more

📱Cleanlight (HQ: Chile) manufactures solar energy appliances and specializes in solar-induced mobile solutions. Their solutions are used by homes and businesses seeking to reduce their CO2 emissions. Cleanlight is looking to expand throughout the United States. Learn more

🥬 Eden Green Technology (HQ: United States) grows fresh produce for cities in their vertical farming facilities. Their hydroponic systems enable large production and superior quality food sold at affordable prices. Eden Green Technology is looking to expand into Canada. Learn more newsletter divider

Featured List

Want to find more green gems? Consult this featured list to learn about internationally recognized companies.

United Nations Global Compact

Discover some of the best-ranked companies that are receiving praise from the United Nation for honouring human rights and environmental standards. Among them is Green Mobility, a Danish company that offers easy, flexible, and sustainable transport in electric-only shared cars. Their straightforward mission and G Score of 6 make them a solid contender. View the full list newsletter divider

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