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Let's get TECHnical: projects, updates & event invite ✨
Let's get TECHnical: projects, updates & event invite ✨
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In this roundup, we invite you to join our December community webinar, make note of important G-Score updates, discover and engage with exhibitors attending upcoming trade shows and explore new expansion projects. Newsletter Divider Exclusive Webinar

You're invited to join our webinar on December 14th at 8:30 am EST or 11:30 am EST to learn How to Maximize Leads Using Projects. In this session, we'll dive into how our project data is sourced, how to identify top expansion projects and how to engage with the company's key contacts. Newsletter Divider

G-Score Updates Coming Soon!

Our team has been working hard to ensure you have access to the latest, most representative data on the platform. A key item on their agenda has been updating G-Scores, which indicate the growth propensity of companies.

Please be advised that our G-Scores will soon be updated to reflect industry changes, namely those affected by the economic impacts of the pandemic, which included regional and industry signals such as employment, supply chain, trade, industrial production, and more.

Likewise, the G-Scores of companies impacted may affect the already curated lists you’ve saved within the platform and your downloads folder. This is also an ideal moment to save and download the lists you are currently developing onto your device!

Need some help? Consult our guides to learn how to save companies into a folder and how to download CSV/Excel files from the platform.

We will be publishing our insights in an in-depth article you'll find here as well as an exclusive webinar explaining with our very own data experts our in-depth results. Stay tuned! Newsletter Divider

Upcoming Trade Shows

Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo Global

Explores real issues faced by information security professionals

Date: December 1st – 2nd, 2022

Location: London, United Kingdom

The Big 5

Connects the global construction industry to build a better tomorrow

Date: December 5th – 8th, 2022

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Food Ingredients Europe

Covers the latest innovations in the European food industry

Date: December 6th – 8th, 2022

Location: Paris, France

Highly Functional Materials Week

Explores material technologies like plastics, metals & adhesives

Date: December 7th – 9th, 2022

Location: Makuhari Messe, Japan Newsletter Divider

New Projects

🚆Cad Railway Industries (HQ: Canada) provides remanufacturing services, products, and testing for the rail industry. It remanufactures freight, passenger, transit, and tank rail cars, as well as diesel engines. Cad Rail Industries is looking to expand throughout the United States. Learn more

🛍️ Tulfa (HQ: United States) develops eCommerce solutions for brands and retailers. They provide a modern shopping experience via augmented and extended reality. Their solutions include metaverse content production and catalogue management. Tulfa is looking to expand into Japan. Learn more

💬 Doxim (HQ: Canada) is a communications management and engagement tech company serving financial and regulated markets. Their platform enhances reliability and increases loyalty and wallet share via personalized communications and easy payments. Dixiom is looking to expand into Australia. Learn more

🛸 Fortem Technologies (HQ: United States) offers AI-powered airspace awareness, safety and security solutions. They provide real-time intrusion detection and detect-and-avoid solutions that classify drones and other aircraft. Fortem Technologies is looking to expand into Belgium. Learn more Newsletter Divider French Newsletter Link

Happy Gazelle-ing from your Customer Success team! 😄 Customer Success Team
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