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Industry Focus: Fintech & The Future of Finance 💰
Industry Focus: Fintech & The Future of Finance 💰
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Fundamental Improvements

The year is 2022. Most of us have grown dependent on the internet thanks to its time-saving abilities, helping us complete many tasks such as looking after our finances. We owe these improvements to FinTech: the technologies and digital platforms that help us keep track of our financial records. Fintech solutions like banking apps, online banking and other web-based financial services are now widely adopted by financial institutions to improve business operations and customer experiences.

The parallel growth of investment technology, governmental regulations and the use of IoT devices also explains why fintech is gaining popularity. Numerically speaking, the fintech market value is anticipated to reach $699.50 billion USD by 2030. The top 3 VC-funded fintech sectors between 2016 and 2021 were capital markets ($8.07 billion USD), payments ($6.03 billion USD), and wealth management ($5.43 billion USD).

Webinar Reminder

Looking forward to the new year and the opportunities it has to offer? Join us next Wednesday, November 23rd for a webinar that will dive into the Top 10 Industries To Watch for in 2023 presented by Gazelle’s VP of Customer Success & Experience, Jenna Lane!


Uncertain about how to start your fintech company list? We’ve got you! Below are a few relevant NAICS codes worth using for your next profitable fintech lead. (See more about NAICS codes and how to use them here).

Going Global

Use your favourite fintech keywords (or other features) alongside our GIS tool to discover the world's best fintech companies.

North America

North American FinTech Companies

Latin America

Map of Latin American FinTech Companies


Map of European FinTech Companies


Map of Asia-Pacific FinTech Companies


💳 Milo Credit (HQ: United States) is reimagining the way consumers can access credit and financial services in the US. They offer cash-out refinance loans that can be accessed faster than traditional bank institutions by unlocking trapped equity. Milo Credit is looking to expand throughout the United States. Learn more

🚙 Axiom Products (HQ: United States) is a product administration and tech company focused on product and ownership warranty, finance, and insurance within the automotive industry. They allow their consumers to easily purchase and manage their products. Axiom Products is looking to expand into Japan. Learn more

🔕 Subaio (HQ: Denmark) creates products and services that simplify people’s lives by empowering them to make smarter subscription choices. Their management system is integrated into banking interfaces, allowing customers to view, manage and cancel undesired subscriptions. Subaio is looking to expand into France. Learn more

💸 Volante Technologies (HQ: United States) is addressing the challenges of financial message integration and payment onboarding, processing, and orchestration. Their products enable financial institutions to simplify their systems and stay ahead of emerging market trends. Volante Technologies is looking to expand throughout the United States. Learn more

Trade Shows

Here are a few promising events worth exploring for your fintech projects. Can’t make it in person? Use this opportunity to expand your prospects list.

AI & Big Data Global

Takes place from December 1st-2nd, 2022 in London, United Kingdom. The event will explore the progress in AI and big data and their impact on the enterprise and consumer sectors, development platforms & beyond.

Standing out from the exhibitor list is Stuarts Walker Hersant Humphries, a legal firm that specializes in investment funds. Their lawyers provide market expertise in banking and asset finance, crypto and blockchain tech, insurance, and many other financial sub-sectors. Discover more exhibitors

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Happening from January 5th-8th, 2023, in Las Vegas, United States. CES will host the world’s most innovative electronics and consumer technology firms and address topics like AI, Cryptocurrency & NFTs, start-ups, and more.

Among the exhibitors is Taiwan Tech Arena, a deep tech start-up ecosystem that gathers venture capitalists, engineering experts and tech developers. Taiwan’s talent pool attracts global investors, making it the ideal launch pad for fintech projects interested in expanding through the Asia-Pacific region. Discover more exhibitors


We’ve hand-picked a few fintech keywords that’ll set you on the right track. Customize your company search by pairing a few together or using them with other features!

Big Data

Featured Lists

Discover these two fintech-focused lists compiled by Gazelle analysts.

Gazelle’s Fintech Companies to Watch

Leading the list is Revolut, a UK-based financial services company that offers mobile banking, card payments and foreign exchange services via its frictionless and customer-focused platform. Revolut’s G-Score of 6 and participation at the 2022 Money 20/20 and the MIPIM trade shows are positive growth indicators. View the full list

South Korea’s Fastest-Growing Fintech Companies

Leader of South Korea’s fintech ecosystem is Toss, a financial service mobile platform that offers peer-to-peer money transfers, management of credit scores and bank accounts, QR payments and more. Their simple platform aims to empower people financially and beyond. Toss’s G-Score of 5 and 10 VC funding rounds are indicative of the company’s significant growth. View the full list

Platform Updates

Industry Finder Data Update

The team is happy to share that the NAICS codes-related data (accessible via the Industry Finder) for US-based companies have been updated. Company searches done via our heat map analysis tool for county-level metrics now contain the latest 2020-2021 data sets!

An interesting example is 493110 – General Warehousing and Storage (pictured below) which has seen tremendous growth across the east and west coast.

Heat Map of County Level Warehousing Companies in the US

Happy Gazelle-ing from your Customer Success team! 😄's Customer Success Team

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