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ESG insights for your next impactful lead 🌎
ESG insights for your next impactful lead 🌎
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Shifting perspectives and priorities have encouraged businesses to review their investment ethics. A newer corporate performance metric – Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) – considers the environmental, social and governance factors alongside financial factors in investment decision-making. The upward ESG investment trend is an opportunity to strengthen the economy in a clean, inclusive and impactful way. By 2030, ESG funds are estimated to reach $30 trillion. In addition, nearly half of all professionally managed assets will be ESG-related by 2024.

Promising ESG sub-sectors include renewable energy, electric vehicles and sustainable materials. In 2021, China invested $266 million in those sectors, while the United States invested $114 million.

You can leverage these opportunities by using the following NAICS codes on Gazelle's platform:


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Discover which companies around the world are most sustainability-oriented and save them for your next impactful lead!

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Here are a few of the best ESG-ranked projects led by fast-growing companies worth considering for your next lead.

75F (HQ: United States) is a technology company that designs and produces building thermostat control systems for the office, retail, and restaurant sectors. 75F earned awards and recognition for its cloud-based technology across green tech and energy efficiency categories. 75F is looking to expand into Latin America. Learn more about the 75F project here.

VESTAS (HQ: Denmark) develops and deploys energy solutions by producing onshore and offshore turbines for wind platforms. They also provide maintenance and repair services. In 2022, Vestas was named the most sustainable company in the world. Vestas is looking to expand its operations into the United States. Learn more about the Vestas project here.

SERVICENOW (HQ: United States) offers cloud computing solutions for customer support, human resources and security operations. Their customers are active in finance, consumer products, IT, healthcare, and education. In 2021, the company achieved 100% renewable electricity targets for its office and data center operations. ServiceNow is looking to expand into Thailand. Learn more about the ServiceNow project here.

LONZA (HQ: Switzerland) is a biotech company that provides product development services to the pharmaceutical and biologics industries, including organic, fine and performance chemicals. Their environmental targets for 2030 include a 36% energy reduction and a 24% waste reduction. Lonza is looking to expand into Europe. Learn more about the Lonza project here.


Find out which fast-growing companies will be attending these two anticipated trade shows.

➡️ Gathers leaders from the most innovative companies, governments, and organizations to move cities toward a better future

📅 November 15th – November 17th, 2022 📍 Barcelona, Spain

➡️ Advanced Automotive Battery Conference

📅 December 5th – December 8th, 2022 📍 San Diego, United States


Are you looking for leads with ESG-minded companies? Gazelle's simple keyword search function can help you achieve that. Keywords can be used on their own or with the Map, NAICS codes, Featured lists and more filters. For enhanced results, we encourage you to combine multiple keywords like Green Building + Sustainability


Consult our featured lists of companies that are leading the ESG movement.

Sustainable Development Technologies Canada (SDTC) is an independent federal program that supports Canadian companies in developing and deploying competitive and clean technology solutions to help solve environmental challenges.

Leading the SDTC list, Nanoleaf is a company that produces smart home solutions. Their modern and energy-efficient light bulbs and panels have received global praise. Nanoleaf’s sustainability efforts include its use of solar energy and its fully biodegradable packaging. Nanoleaf has earned a G-Score of 6 and participated in the 2022 Light & Building Expo, meaning it is ready to expand its activities even further.

Awarded by Morningstar, Sustainalytics' top rating is granted to companies with excellent ESG risk management. These companies have the lowest ESG risk ratings, meaning their exposure to material ESG risk is limited. They also have well-developed risk-mitigating strategies in the event they face harmful incidents.

Recognized by Sustainalytics and Gazelle is Digital Realty Trust, a global wholesale data center provider that delivers data analysis solutions. Their data infrastructure allows businesses and customers to exchange information safely. Digital Realty has earned a G-Score of 6 and attended the 2022 Data Center Dynamics (DCD) Connect and the Emerge Americas Conference. The company's activities suggest it is in expansion mode.

Another company that has caught our attention is Bayotech which specializes in small-scale, cost-effective and low-carbon hydrogen production. The company has earned a G-Score of 6 and participated in the 2022 International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Event and the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo. Bayotech's recent activities suggest they are in expansion mode.

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