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Upcoming trade shows worldwide featuring fast-growing companies in entertainment, animal farming, electronics and more!

➡️ The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo

📆 November 14th - 18th, 2022 📍Orlando, United States

📆 November 15th - 17th, 2022 📍 Barcelona, Spain

➡️ International Trade Fair for Professional Animal Farming and Livestock Management

📆 November 15th -18th, 2022 📍 Hanover, Germany

📆 November 15th -18th, 2022 📍 Munich, Germany


📦 SHIPCALM (HQ: United States) is an e-Commerce fulfillment and third-party logistics company that helps online businesses solve their shipping problems. Their solutions include reverse logistics, kitting, packing and warehousing. The company also helps with cold storage needs. ShipCalm is looking to expand its operations into the United States. Learn more about the ShipCalm project here.

🍃 EXERGYN (HQ: Ireland) is a clean-tech company specializing in shape memory alloy (SMA) technology used in commercial heating, cooling, and power generation. Their CE-marked prototypes and expertise in the industrial application of SMA are recognized globally. Exergyn plans on expanding its operations into Canada. Learn more about the Exergyn project here.

🚙 HAAS ALERT (HQ: United States) provides a collision prevention service called Safety Cloud that sends real-time digital alerts from emergency vehicles to drivers and connected cars via vehicle dashboards, infotainment systems, and smartphones. Fleet vehicle owners with access to a HAAS- provided transponder can send alerts to nearby drivers and help them make safer decisions. HAAS Alert is looking to expand into Japan. Learn more about the HAAS Alert project here.

🖥️ SEMPERIS (HQ: United States) is a cybersecurity company that delivers identity-driven resilience for cross-cloud and hybrid environments. Semperis provides cyber preparedness, incident response, and disaster recovery solutions for enterprise directory services. Their operations span three countries: the United States, Israel, and Canada. Semperis is looking to expand into Australia. Learn more about the Semperis project here.

👩‍⚕️ VITALHUB (HQ: Canada) is a software company that creates user experience solutions for health care and social services. VitalHub aims to improve care delivery as well as financial and quality outcomes. Their customers include hospitals, regional health authorities, long-term care, home health, and community services. VitalHub is looking to expand into Europe. Learn more about the VitalHub project here.

🚦 TRAFFIC TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES (HQ: United States) provides connected vehicle technologies for autonomous vehicle applications. Their service relies on public infrastructure to communicate with traffic signals and predict signal switch times. The company's cloud-based solution and nationwide deployment enable immediate vehicle-to-infrastructure integration. Traffic Technologies Services is looking to expand throughout the United States. Learn more about the Traffic Technologies Services project here.


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