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Upcoming trade shows worldwide featuring fast-growing companies in the automotive space, agriculture industry, and more!

πŸ“† July 12th - 14th, 2022πŸ“ Frankfurt, Germany

πŸ“†. August 9th - 10th, 2022 πŸ“ Calgary, Canada

πŸ“† August 22nd - 26th, 2022 πŸ“ Frankfurt, Germany

πŸ“† August 24th - 26th, 2022 πŸ“ Portland



COASTLINE ACADEMY (HQ: United States) provides services such as driver education, curriculum development, and testing and is on a mission to modernize the driving school with a customer-first, technology-centric approach. Coastline Academy is currently looking to expand throughout the United States. Learn more about the Coastline Academy project here.

LEXART LABS (HQ: Uruguay) is a software factory specializing in promoting technology companies and innovative start-ups. It offers outsourcing services in web, software and mobile development, IT infrastructure and web hosting, as well as technical advice and training plans. Lexart Labs is currently looking to expand into Chile. Learn more about the Lexart Labs project here.

MUNDIMOTO GROUP (HQ: Spain) is an online motorcycle buying and selling startup. Mundimoto Group is currently looking to expand into the Netherlands Learn more about the Mundimoto Group project here.

BARNHART CRANE & RIGGING (HQ: United States) specializes in the heavy lifting and heavy transport of major components used in nuclear, power generation, petroleum refining, chemical process, accelerated bridge and wind energy generation. They offer services not only by developing new projects for site erection and mechanical completion of wind power generating devices but also for ongoing maintenance and repair, for onshore and offshore projects. Barnhart Crane & Rigging is currently looking to expand throughout the United States. Learn more about the Barnhart Crane & Rigging project here.


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