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Lift Off! Our aerospace data has now landed 🚀
Lift Off! Our aerospace data has now landed 🚀
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The aerospace and aviation sector has seen tremendous growth, notably bouncing back and recovering from the impact of COVID-19. The aerospace industry is expected to grow to $755.24 USD billion in 2022 and $1047.07 USD billion by 2026. According to our research, this flourishing market that is separated into aerospace and defense has emerging subsectors to watch for, including aircraft components, weapons, artillery tanks, radar, and other military equipment by entities (organizations, sole traders or partnerships) that produce aircraft, aircraft components, weapons, artillery tanks, radar, and other military equipment for aerospace and defense purposes.

  1. Zero-Fuel Aircraft

  2. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

  3. Advanced Materials

  4. Smart Automation and Blockchain

  5. 3D Printing

  6. Supersonic Flights

  7. More Resilient and Dynamic A&D Supply Chains

  8. Utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) to Anticipate Maintenance Issues

  9. Artificial intelligence (AI)

  10. Autonomous Flight Systems

Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location

We’ve highlighted companies in the AEROSPACE industry by regions around the world. Don't forget to save these lists to your company folders!

North America

Latin America



Don't forget these helpful tips in the Help Center on how to search industries using CLUSTERS and KEYWORDS.



We have many fast-growing companies to keep an eye on in the aviation and aerospace industry, including AeroVironment (G-Score of 6). AeroVironment is an aviation and aerospace company that designs, produces, and supports a portfolio of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to enable customers to see the world in a powerful, safe and secure way. Additionally, the company offers long-range tracking antennas and sensors, Tactile Missile Systems, and High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellites.

Another company to watch out for is Airbus. Airbus is a European industrial professional that creates innovative commercial aircraft for its clients. With a G-Score of 6, it unites the capabilities of three market professionals, including Airbus, Airbus Defence and Space, and Airbus Helicopters. The company is known as the largest aerospace and defence company in Europe.

Don't forget about this fast-growing company, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX). SpaceX is a space transportation company that develops crew and cargo capsules, cryogenic tank structures, avionics, and designs, develops and launches advanced space crafts. SpaceX has a G-Score of 6 and has gained recognition as the first private establishment to attach to the International Space Station, exchange cargo payloads, and return safely to Earth. SpaceX is on a mission to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling humans to live on other planets.



Upcoming trade shows worldwide featuring fast-growing companies in the aerospace industry.

📆 April 26th - 28th, 2022 📍 Dallas, United States

📆 April 27th - 30th, 2022 📍 Friedrichshafen, Germany

📆 May 23rd - 25th, 2022📍 Long Beach California, United States



There's a lot of great companies on these lists that catch our attention!

Our experts have analyzed the data and compiled a list of over 600 of the fastest-growing aerospace companies for 2020. One of the companies on this list is Vita Inclinata Technologies. With a G-Score of 6, Vita Inclinata Technologies, a defense and aerospace company, offers a fully automated stability system that reduces cable swing for sling-load and rescue helicopter operations. The company couples drone technology with stability control to migrate all suspended load swings and increase operational efficiency.

One fast-growing company making the top of this list is Relativity Space, which disrupts 60 years of aerospace manufacturing by creating an entirely new process to build and fly rockets. The company has created the world’s largest metal 3D printer to 3D print their own rockets and launch satellites into space. Relativity’s process cuts rocket part count by 100x and enables rockets to be built in days instead of years. Relativity’s long-term goal is to 3D print the first rocket made on Mars and scale and sustain an interplanetary society.

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Let's make searching with even easier. Here is a list of suggested keywords to use for your aerospace searches. You can use any of these below with your specific parameters or use in a combination of keywords to find the search results that best suit your needs (i.e. avionics + navigation systems ).

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