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What's the deal with waste? A deep dive into a growing industry
What's the deal with waste? A deep dive into a growing industry
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According to our research, the global waste management market is expected to reach $715 USD billion by 2030, with a current market-sized valuation of 394.1 billion in 2020. Waste management is the collection, transport, processing or disposal, managing and monitoring of waste materials. The term usually relates to materials produced by human activity, and the process is generally undertaken to reduce their effect on health, the environment or aesthetics. Waste management is a distinct practise from resource recovery, which focuses on delaying the consumption rate of natural resources.

Market Segmentation

Based on our research, the waste management market is broken down into these segments:

Waste Type

Municipal Waste | Industrial Waste | Hazardous Waste


Collection | Disposal



North America | South America | Europe | APAC



Let's start Gazelle-ing! Use the 562 Waste Management and Remediation Services NAICS code to get started.



Let's make searching with even easier. Here is a list of suggested keywords to use for your Waste Management searches (Waste Management + Recycling + Sustainability). You can use any of these below with your specific parameters or use in a combination of keywords to find the search results that best suit your needs:

Trade Shows

Here are 2 trade shows featuring fast-growing waste management companies not to miss!

World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management

📆 May 30th - June 3rd, 2022 📍 Munich, Germany

(Resource and Waste Management)

📆 September 22nd - 23rd, 2021📍 Birmingham, United Kingdom



Here are a few highlighted verified waste management projects to check out. You can check out a complete list of waste management-related companies with projects here.

CCM TECHNOLOGIES (HQ: United Kingdom) is an environmental technology company focused on carbon capture, waste energy, and resource optimization technologies. The company's patented technology converts waste (captured CO2, ammonia, phosphate, etc.) into value-added materials across key sectors, including food, agriculture, fertilizers, and energy storage. CCM Technologies is looking to expand into Japan. For more information on their current projects, click here.

ADEX (HQ: Spain) develops, implements, and applies industrial optimized control systems to processes in a wide variety of industrial areas. These systems can drive the process variables through desired trajectories to their optimal performance operating points, where they stabilize the process operation despite changes in process dynamics, the context of operation, and noise and perturbations acting on the process. The results are maximization of economic performance, reliability and safety, minimizing energy consumption, emissions and environmental impact, and resources needed for maintenance. Adex is looking to expand into Japan. For more information on their current projects, click here.

ENCINA DEVELOPMENT GROUP (HQ: United States) produces renewable chemicals, predominantly BTX, from waste plastic. Encina has developed a process that economically extracts BTX from plastic waste through catalytic pyrolysis. It enables the “cracking” of hydrocarbons to create pygas containing aromatics. Encina Development is looking to expand into Canada. For more information on their current projects, click here.

WasteIQ (HQ: Norway) is a SaaS and IoT company that aims to tackle the world’s 2 billion tons waste problem by collecting data at the place and time where waste is thrown. Its technology generates valuable insights about resources available for reuse, repurposing or recycling – wastes as raw materials. The WasteIQ platform is data-driven resource management – liberating and enhancing data, enabling easy-to-manage identity management across systems and new business models such as pay-as-you-throw. It identifies the different types of wastes from management companies, malls, commercial property and residential properties, sorts them and creates incentives (credit) to reduce residual waste. Doing this contributes to creating a classification system for different types of waste, building the foundation of tomorrow’s large-scale circular value chain. WasteIQ is looking to expand into France. For more information on their current projects, click here.

Featured Lists

Featured Lists

Our powerful featured lists showcase waste management companies expanding worldwide.

Solmax is featured on this list, is a worldwide leader in manufacturing PE geomembranes, and offers high-standard containment solutions. Its products are sold in over 60 countries, and they are used by the major industrial companies in the mining, energy, waste management, water, and civil engineering sectors. Solmax’s products protect soils from contamination in applications as critical as the landfills of the world’s most populated cities to the tailings or heap leach pads of mining operating in environmentally fragile ecosystems.

One fast-growing company on this list, Veolia Environnement S.A. (EUR; OTC: VIE), is involved in resource management. The company is engaged in designing and providing water, waste and energy management solutions. Its activities include water supply, treatment and recovery of municipal or industrial effluents, waste collection, processing, recycling, provision of heating and cooling services, and optimization of industrial processes. They were recently at the Expo Biogaz as an exhibitor.

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