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Get charged up with battery industry insights 🔋
Get charged up with battery industry insights 🔋
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The battery market continues to grow year after year, with the global battery market projected to reach $279.7 USD billion by the year 2027, according to our research, with a fast-paced rate of expansion in countries such as Germany, China and Japan. Subindustries that are of particular focus to pay attention to are High Energy Density (HED), Aqueous Hybrid Capacitors and Solid-State Batteries, which have been identified as the key technologies to be used for the future.

Lithium Battery Market Breakdown

The global lithium-ion battery market is projected to reach over $10 USD billion by 2026 due to the growing demand for laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other portable devices worldwide. The increasing usage of the lithium-ion battery is also an alternate power source for vehicles which is expected to elevate its demand substantially over the forecast period.

Electric Vehicle Market Breakdown

Despite a general decrease in the automotive market due to the chip shortage, electric vehicles have one bright spot. The EV market has been experiencing exponential growth in the last few years, making EV's a new viable alternative for personal transportation. 6.3 million vehicles were sold globally in 2021, almost twice as much as in 2020, with Europe and China seeing high growth. With countries announcing plans to eliminate combustion vehicles within the next 10 years, other countries are creating incentive programs and C02 targets and consumer subsidies to increase EV consumer growth.

Global Battery Market Breakdown

  • Automotive Batteries

  • Industrial Batteries

  • Portable Batteries


When beginning your Battery search, it's important to start refining your search parameters from the beginning with the right NAICS code. Here is a list of suggested NAICS codes to get you started:


Let's make searching with even easier! Here is a list of suggested keywords to use for your Battery searches. You can use any of these below with your specific parameters or use them in a combination to find the search results that best suit your needs (Electric Vehicles + Batteries + Lithium):

Trade Shows

Here are 2 trade shows featuring batteries and energy sources that feature fast-growth companies not to miss!

📆 April 12th - 13th, 2022 📍 Bologna, Italy

📆 November 30th - December 2nd, 2021📍 Stuttgart, Germany

Featured Lists

Our powerful featured lists have powerful data that showcases batteries and renewable energy companies changing the world.

Heading the Cleantech Global 100 featured list for the second year in a row, TWAICE supports enterprises across industries with predictive battery analytics software based on digital twins. They empower their customers to develop and use battery systems more efficiently and sustainably while making them more reliable and durable. Precise predictions of battery conditions and aging significantly optimize battery development and use. Exact determination of current condition also enables certification of batteries for reuse and 2nd life. The digital twin can essentially be considered a model-based image of the actual battery. It is continuously updated with measurement data from the operation. Thus, one always knows the current state of the battery system and can predict further aging. This knowledge helps in two major areas: developing a battery and monitoring its operation.

One company on this list that caught our eye is Kinetech Power Systems, which develops modular composite flywheel energy storage systems (mechanical battery) for long/short duration applications. With a G-Score of 5, this company has globally patented its key components: solid lubrication bearings, advanced electric motor/generator, and flywheel design.

We don't want to forget UPowr with a G-Score of 5, a digital platform based out of Australia that uses energy data to design & install solar and battery storage systems at wholesale prices.

Need help building a list?

Need help building a list?

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