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The Corner with Janelle Mansfield

As someone who has been in the Tech space for nearly 15 years, I love following the tech field closely, and I leverage a couple of our features to do just that.

Custom Feed – I have my custom feed configured to follow trends in Start-Ups. Last week, a really interesting article from Crunchbase about the correlation between Series B funding and Expansion came into my inbox. It had me searching companies that have received Series B funding to prepare this list of potential leads.

Trade shows – while I don’t get to leave my home office all that much these days, I’m still very interested in all of the trade shows and their exhibitors. I can still remember walking the floor at the NRF Big Retail trade show in NYC and being in awe of all the new tech coming out.

There are 3 trade shows coming up in the first quarter of the year that often feature these exciting technological advances and expanding companies:

(Consumer Technology Association)

📆 January 5th - 8th, 2022 📍 Las Vegas, United States

(National Retail Federation)

📆 January 16th - 18th, 2022 📍 New York, United States

(Mobile World Capital)

📆 February 28th - March 3rd, 2022 📍 Barcelona, Spain


On the heels of the article I read about Series B funding, I did a quick search to see which companies attending these 3 shows had recently received funding and/or completed a Series B round and found this list. A few companies of note include:

With the ever-increasing growth in online purchasing and complex global logistics, One Rail is an interesting company to look into as they orchestrate the final mile delivery to provide a centralized view of disparate final mile data enabling data-driven optimization, positively impacting the dependability, speed, and cost of final mile fulfillment.

Deposco is a solid G-Score of 3 company scoring well in all areas. Add in that they are now exhibiting at an upcoming trade show and have just completed a funding round. Consider them a solid lead and reach out.

Despite having only a G-Score of 2, Forter is a company to watch for this year. It scored high in the new Subscore assessment on Industry, Firm and Deep Learning. Forter delivers real-time, completely automated fraud prevention solutions for online merchants.

Even you aren’t in a position to attend these trade shows or others, trade shows are a great way to find leads, and I highly encourage you to dive in and do a deep dive into a trade show today.


Based on the feedback we've been receiving from customers, I know that you're all very interested in understanding more about what's driving a particular G-Score. That's why the team created this new feature called "Subscores".The G-Score Subscore Tool breaks down a firm’s overall aptness to expand in an industry (G-Score) into its Subscores, representing the main drivers groups.

As always, happy Gazelle-ing!

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