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πŸ‡ Oda (formerly called Kolonial) is an online grocery specializing in the logistics industry and offering door-to-door delivery service. Oda is looking to expand to the Western European region. Learn more about Oda's upcoming project here.

πŸ“ˆ Big Data Corphas been leading the Big Data market in Brazil and Latin America. Starting from an award-winning massive data capture process, the company generates structured information about people, companies and other entities to meet the needs of the most complex analysis and decision-making processes. The company is looking to expand to Australia and New Zealand. Learn more about Big Data Corp's upcoming project here.

🏒 Pyramid E&C is a design and build firm providing comprehensive development solutions including technology, feasibility assessment, engineering, fabrication, supply, and operation support for conventional and renewable hydrocarbon processing facilities worldwide. The company is looking to expand in Western Canada. Learn more about Pyramid E&C's upcoming project here.

πŸ–₯ ServiceNow Inc provides enterprise cloud computing solutions that define, structure, manage and automate services for global enterprises. ServiceNow Inc. is looking to expand to the Southeast Asia region. Learn more about their upcoming project here.

πŸ“ SuperMeat is a biotech and food-tech company working to supply chicken meat grown directly from chicken cells. SuperMeat is looking to expand in the Southern U.S region. Learn more about SuperMeat's upcoming project here.


Upcoming trade shows from around the world featuring industries in cleantech, food and beverage, cloud computing, and more!

πŸ“† November 29th - December 3rd, 2021πŸ“ Orlando, United States

πŸ“†. December 9th - 10th 2021πŸ“ New York, United States

πŸ“† January 19th - 21st, 2022 πŸ“ Tokyo Japan

πŸ“† January 16th - 18th, 2021πŸ“ New York, United States


This month's data upload features companies that are grabbing our attention! Here is a featured list to make sure to save to your companies folder!


You might notice some changes around here - namely, the G-scores have been updated!

You may find that many of the companies you have been following have had their score changed, some for the better and some for the worse. Among other things, we've gone ahead and removed some older projects that we were able to confirm have expired, so some companies with G-Scores of 6 have instead been re-scored to reflect their current score.

Go ahead and take a look around and see how your saved searches and folders have changed! If you have any questions at all feel free to check out our New G-Score FAQ, the white paper by our Chief Economist Dr. Hugh Kelley, or reach out to us through the chat bubble.

Happy Gazelle-ing from your Customer Success team πŸ˜€

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