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Sept 30th Newsletter

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We are beyond thrilled to announce that has placed No. 50 on the Globe and Mail’s 2021 list of Canada’s Top Growing Companies. Being one of Canada's fastest-growing companies in any year is a great feat, but to do it during one of the most challenging years is a testament to the amazing family. We never could have achieved this incredible milestone without each and every one of you.

From our CSMs to our Data Scientists to our Developers, the entire team works tirelessly to advance our mission of leveraging AI to deliver a world-class business intelligence platform that ranks global companies on their likelihood to expand.The full list of 2021 winners will be made available in the Featured Lists section on in the weeks to come. We truly appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us and pledge to keep developing ground-breaking AI that enhances business development success, while delivering a best-in-class, highly personalized experience.

Trade Corner

This is David, your friendly neighborhood Trade and Export Guru, well Guru might be a little strong, shall we say Trade & Export Geek!

When I was working in export development and using Gazelle regularly, I treated the G. Score kind of as an add-on that didn’t have much relevance to my trade work. Sure, it was impressive, and when I was working on an FDI project or talking about Gazelle, the G. Score was awesome; but, in my every day tasks, I didn’t use it very much.

Maybe you’re like I was, and don’t see much overlap between the G. Score and your trade searches. Of course, it was built specifically for investment attraction. But, that doesn’t mean it is useless for us trade folk. In fact, I’m going to share 3 ways the G. Score could add color and accuracy to your searches. Let’s go.

  1. Overall health of a company - while you may not need to know the specific timing of a company’s expansion, the AI is essentially designed to find companies that are poised to double the revenue in the next 5 years. So, if you find a company with an above average G. Score, this company is most likely a healthy, growing company. A company that will need more suppliers/purchases/partners to grow with in the coming years. These are marks of a good partner, so they should be prioritized for outreach.

  2. Specific export growth plans - While not specifically the AI-powered G. Score, if you find a local company with a G. Score of 6, you might also be finding specific export plans. You’ll find export plans ranging from joint venture manufacturing facilities to sales offices to small R&D offices.

  3. Secondary market research - Since the G. Score is based on industry and location information, as well as firm-level data, you can use the G. Scores of company groups potentially learn more about the viability of any market. If you can’t find any companies with good G. Scores in a specific country/industry pairing, this could be an indication that the industry and country pairing aren’t in growth mode. It would be a good idea to double check the product level market research you’ve conducted to make sure this market is a good option.

New Featured Lists

Top 20 Soonicorn's In Mexico - These are the handful of highly valued startups which have the potential to reach unicorn status.

Top Cyber Security Companies | Israel - Gazelle's list of the top cyber security companies in Israel based on innovative ideas, exponential growth, and societal impact.

GovTech 100 - The GovTech 100 is an annual list compiled and published by Government Technology as a compendium of 100 companies focused on making a difference in, and selling to state and local government agencies across the United States.

APAC Cleantech Fast 25 - The top 25 companies leading the clean tech industry in the APAC region, as compiled by Cleantech.

Fastest Growing Fintech Companies | South Korea - Gazelle's list of the fastest growing fintech companies in South Korea based on innovative ideas, exponential growth, and societal impact.

New Trade Shows

SupplySide West (Health & Nutrition), October 25, 2021 - October 28, 2021; Las Vegas, United States Find the world's leading suppliers and service providers of ingredients, manufacturing services, packaging, lab services and more.

TechNet Cyber (Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence), October 27, 2021 - October 28, 2021; Baltimore, United States The premier event for finding the top cybersecurity and IT companies.

DTX (Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things), November 6, 2021 - November 7, 2021; London, United Kingdom The Digital Technology Expo (DTX) showcases the technologies that enable Digital Transformation.

CPhi Worldwide (Pharmaceutical), November 9, 2021 - November 11, 2021; Milan, Italy CPhI Worldwide has established itself as the flagship event for the pharmaceutical industry.

Medica (Medical Devices, Life Sciences), November 15, 2021 - November 18, 2021; Düsseldorf, Germany Medica is the largest medical trade fair in the world, highlighting medical research and development.

New Expansion Projects

Utility Global develops and designs a generation system to create a paradigm shift in how the world uses, stores, and transforms energy. Utility Global is considering Japan as the destination for a new manufacturing facility due to Japan's interest in clean hydrogen. Click here for more details.

BTC is an IT consultancy. They support energy companies in the energy transition, help shape the digital transformation in industry and services, and lead the public sector into the digital age. The company is currently considering an expansion to the United States, specially to the Northeast. Click here for more details.

Inveox  GmbH develops systems to digitize, automate and connect pathology laboratories. With an innovative automation system for sample preparation in histopathology, inveox increases efficiency and safety in pathology laboratories. The company is considering an expansion to the United States. Click here for more details.

Pfeiger & Langer specialises in sugar production and is one of the leading companies in Europe. As part of their expansion plan, the company is considering an expansion in different territories such as the United States South and Australia, Queensland in particular. The timeline for this expansion is between 1 to 2 years and it could employ up to 20 people. Click here for more details.

Aware Inc. is based in Columbus, Ohio and specializes in cognitive computing and artificial intelligence. Their future growth plans involve expansions within Asia (possibly Japan) within the next two years. This will be achieved through local partners in communication, health care and financial service sectors, as well as Fortune 5000 companies. Click here for more details.

Henry Schein is an American distributor of health care products and services with a presence in 32 countries. They currently have 12 locations in Canada and are looking to expand to new locations with an interest in Central Canada. Click here for more details.

Amphenol Corporation has been an international leader. From design and manufacturing through quality inspection and shipping, As part of their strategic growth plan, the company is planning to expand their manufacturing capabilities by adding a new manufacturing facility. Click here for more details.

Hepta Airbone automates the analysis of power lines by utilizing drones and big data analysis. As part of their growth, the company is considering an expansion to the United States in the next 1 to 2 years, with an interest in the South. Click here for more details.

Akkure Genomics builds software for clinical trials. The company is looking to establish a Sales and Operations office to handle tradeshows, marketing, and community engagements in the USA. Click here for more details.

Commercial Jet provides turn-key aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for a wide array of commercial and military aircraft. Due to their rapid growth, the company is looking into expanding their manufacturing capabilities within the United States. This could employ up to 20 people and their timeline is between 1 to 2 years. Click here for more details.

Copper Tree Analytics is a software technology that has developed a smart building analytics, energy management, and diagnostics system. The company is considering expanding in Asia, possibly to Japan within the next 1 to 2 years. Click here for more details.

Nordam has expanded to employ 2,500 staff across nine facilities in Europe, Asia and the United States. The company could look to establish a manufacturing or maintenance/repair facility in Arizona due to its aerospace industry. Click here for more details.

CAE Healthcare delivers educational tools that help healthcare professionals provide safe, high-quality patient care. The company is considering the expansion within the United States in the next 1 to 2 years. Click here for more details.

International Aerospace Coatings (IAC) is the global leader in aircraft painting, interiors and graphics. The company is currently considering additional expansion and would like to learn more about Phoenix, Mesa and its offers. The timeline for the project is within 1 to 2 years. Click here for more details.

Paneltex Ltd. manufactures relocatable cold storage units, refrigerated truck and trailer bodies, and specialized vehicle bodies. Paneltex would like to have a manufacturing partner which would be able to handle aluminum and metal works. Click here for more details.

Tomtec Imaging Systems specializes in cardiology and it offers state-of-the-art software solutions for clinical customers and industry partners. The company is considering expanding to the United States, especially North Eastern states in the next 1 to 2 years through a sales office. Click here for more details.

Siemens AG is an electronics and electrical engineering company. As part of their growth strategy, the company is considering expanding to Australia in the next 1 to 2 years with an employment potential of up to 25 people. Click here for more details.

Gazellers, thank you for sticking around to the very end. We look forward to seeing you next week!

On behalf of your Customer Success team, Happy Gazelle-ing!

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