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Week of August 2

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​Hi there!

Welcome one and all to this week's edition of the Gazelle.ai newsletter! I hope you're all having a great week. We have an especially exciting newsletter for you this week, featuring some Gazelle.ai hot tips, some cutting-edge analysis from the platform, three high-growth companies to watch, and of course, a pair of high-profile trade shows to keep an eye on.

That's a lot of content to get to in one week, so let's dive right in, shall we?

How To Micro-Target Specific Industries

Gazelle.ai has three main tools to help you target industries - the NAICS tab, the Clusters tab, and the Keywords tab. None of these methods individually are nearly as powerful as they are when put together, so whenever possible we highly recommend using several criteria at once using our "Any/All" feature.

Let's use plastics as an example. The NAICS code 326199 - All Other Plastics Manufacturing is a massive supplier industry for the automotive sector. The only problem is that since it is an "All Other" NAICS code, it's also very broad, including a wide range of plastics companies which have nothing to do with the automotive sector.

The solution? Add our "Automotive" keyword and set your search from "Any" to "All" to tell the platform to find companies which are both involved in plastics manufacturing and specifically tied to the automotive sector.

Even though this week we're focusing on plastics, this kind of tip works in a wide range of industries! Check out these searches for cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, for example. Want to chat with a member of our capable Customer Success team to see more tips like this? Be sure to reach out.

Gazelle.ai Insights: Finding Plastics Clusters

Circling back to today's theme, let's see what kinds of industry insights Gazelle.ai can provide about the plastics industry. First off, let's head into the Company Finder and start a search using the "Plastics" cluster. In one click, we can include all of the major NAICS codes that make up the industry.

Next up, let's remove branches in the role filter, so we're only looking at headquarters and subsidiary locations. Our search should look something like this. Now let's head over to the GIS and see where these companies are located.

Interesting! By the looks of it, while there are especially strong clusters in the Northeast and the upper Midwest, there is still a strong plastics sector on the West Coast. If we limit our search to just companies with a G-score of 2 or higher, though, that map starts to look... very different.

Woah. Whereas the distribution of companies as a whole in the plastics sector is very broadly distributed, when we look just at those companies which are in a strong position to expand, the picture changes dramatically. The East Coast vastly outperforms the West Coast in the number of companies in a strong position to expand, and even the upper Midwest seems to have taken quite a hit! Looks like we know just the place to plan a plastics mission trip, doesn't it?

Want to find insights like this on your own? It's as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Select the industry you'd like to target using NAICS, Cluster, and/or Keywords

  2. Plug in your filters (G-scores of 2-5, no branch locations)

  3. Select the Geographic Information System button, see below.

A Word from ROI

We'd like to interrupt this newsletter for a brief word from our partners over at ROI Research on Investment. Travel and trade shows may be difficult in today's reality but there are still plenty of companies expanding! Learn more about ROI's industry leading lead generation programs. If you're just subscribed to either Gazelle.ai or ROI's services, you're missing out on a massive amount of possible leads. You can schedule a call with ROI by following this link or by clicking the image below.

Three Key Companies to Pay Attention To

First up today, Belgian plastics superstars Solvay (G-score: 5) should be at the top of anyone's list who is interested in targeting suppliers to plastics to other industries. Their business model is oriented specifically around their goal of having their buyers be in the very top flight of their respective industries. If you're looking for a supplier of plastics for a key local sector, you'd do very well to give them a call.

Not to be outdone, our next highlight, Rochling SE & Co KG (G-score: 5) are massive suppliers in the automotive plastic sector, with clients across Europe and beyond. With offices in both China and the United States, they are a prime target for expansion on either side of the Pacific.

Finally this week, Harbec (G-score: 3) deserves a special mention for not only being a successful and innovative injection-molded plastics manufacturer, but also doing so in an environmentally-conscious and sustainable way. For an industry like plastics which is both energy intensive and inextricably linked with petroleum extraction, this is a huge feat we're only too happy to recognize.

For all of these companies and more, be sure to add them to your Gazelle.ai Custom News Feed to get up-to-date information every morning. Find out how to set up your Custom News Feed here.

Two Vitally Important Trade Shows

Rounding us out this week, we have two huge trade show recommendations for all of you who are interested in the plastics sector.

Düsseldorf's K-Show has been a premiere event for the plastics industry for hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees. While their next in-person event has been delayed until October of 2022, we highly recommend you start any search for the plastics sector with the exhibitor list on our platform, which is a veritable who's-who of the industry.

Finally, while you may not think it from the name, World of Wipes isn't just a phenomenal resource for the wipes and sanitation industries, but also a great place to find exciting companies across the plastics manufacturing spectrum.

That will about do it for this week, folks! Have questions? Concerns? Topics you'd like to see covered in future newsletters? Be sure to let us know.

In the meantime, as always, all the best and Happy Gazelleing!

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