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Week of June 21, 2021

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This week we were inspired to dig deep into this growing industry - CleanTech. Several of my colleagues have reported an increased number of articles on this topic showing up in their Gazelle Feed.

Clean technology is a wide-ranging field which is experiencing major technological progress in everything from water reclamation to renewable energy, and the companies we've identified for special interest reflect that diversity.

CleanTech Insights Found in

Based on findings in, our research indicates that CleanTech is spread pretty evenly throughout the United States with a cluster on each coast. There are also smaller clusters in Canada (Alberta), the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Israel.

A snapshot of the growing CleanTech companies headquartered in the United States (above) and Europe (below).

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We have also identified an interesting data point about the CleanTech companies in Gazelle - of the 590 growth companies in tagged as clean tech companies, over half (304) of them were exhibitors at a featured trade show. Once trade shows begin opening up in the coming months, be sure to be on the lookout, as CleanTech companies tend to participate in droves!

CleanTech Companies Featured in

With the possible exception of the ubiquitous solar panel, few things better embody the growing CleanTech industry than the modern electric vehicle. While electric cars are exploding in popularity, there is still a lack of overall electric charging infrastructure in much of the United States and Canada. Enter, our first company - SWTCH (G-score: 4). Their charging infrastructure for private and public spaces allows electric vehicles to charge easily and quickly, helping to bridge the gap in fuel access between electric and gasoline-powered vehicles.

Let's move on from a company all about charging batteries to a company making the idea of charging obsolete. NDB (G-score: 3)'s nuclear-diamond batteries (thus, the name) use recycled nuclear waste material to create consumer-grade batteries that never need to be charged over the normal lifetime of the device, be it anything from a smartphone to a car.

Those energy savings are important for projects like Synauta (G-score: 4), which has been tackling a problem which has vexed engineers for years - namely, how to make water desalination energy-efficient and environmentally conscious. Their insights in driving down the energy cost of desalination are going to be essential in the next few years, especially as water crises in areas like the southwestern United States show no signs of abating.

Rounding this deep dive out, did you know that the production of cement alone is responsible for 8% of global C02 emissions? It is, according to BBC, "second only to water for the most consumed resource on the planet." Carboncure Technologies (G-score: 4) is going a long way toward making the industry more environmentally sustainable with their innovative carbon sequestration technology. In essence, what Carboncure does is inject and trap atmospheric CO2 in the concrete mix itself, which both strengthens the concrete and massively reduces the net CO2 output of the process. Any area looking to promote a construction sector will have no shortage of clients interested in Carboncure's technology!

Key Trade Shows for the CleanTech Sector

We may not quite be at a point where in-person trade shows can start again, but there is plenty of hope for the not-so-distant future! We have two trade shows in particular which we’d like to highlight for the CleanTech sector.

The first, unsurprisingly, is Cleanpower. While it’s too late to see their digital exhibition, Cleanpower will still be taking place this December from the 7th to the 8th in Salt Lake City. If you want to see the companies which will be revolutionizing the clean energy industry, this is the place to do it!

For those of you more intrigued by green construction technologies, we recommend - you guessed it - Greenbuild*, taking place in San Diego from the 21st to the 23rd of September. Be sure to head over there if green development and construction is a priority for your area.

*This list is from 2020, we will load the 2021 list when it becomes available

If you've come across any other CleanTech tradeshows taking place in the near-future, or even some from the past, please let us know and we'll happily get them loaded.

Key Featured Lists

Obviously, we have to recommend our very own Fastest-Growing CleanTech Startups List right out of the gate.

Then we have 3 other lists to highlight:

Final Thoughts

Are there any industries, geographies or the like you’d like to see featured in one of weekly newsletters? Drop me a line and I’d be happy to do the research for you, I’m kind of a data geek (in case you didn’t know that already!).

Happy Gazelle-ing!

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