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💸 Deep Dive: Fintech 💸

Week of June 14, 2021

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Hi there!

Welcome back to the Newsletter! As promised, this week we are going to go in-depth into a subject near and dear to our hearts - in this case, fintech! We'll be taking a look at key industry hot spots, as well as standout companies in the field and, of course, key featured lists and trade shows.

Fintech Hotspots

Let's start off today by using to take a look at some hotspots in the United States and Canada before jumping across the pond to Europe. If you'd like to conduct a search like this yourself, you can follow along at this link!

USA and Canada

​Unsurprisingly, the Bay Area and New York City and its environs house the overwhelming majority of North American fintech. That said, there are two surprising overachievers in the bunch: Seattle and Salt Lake City.

Seattle, for its part, is home to Suplari (G-score: 2), a veteran-owned enterprise using machine learning to help businesses embrace spend agility by harnessing the power of machine learning.

Salt Lake City, meanwhile, not to be outdone, boasts MX (G-score: 4), a comprehensive data platform allowing companies to integrate financial accounts and gain up-to-date insights on all of their transactions.


​That the City of London, with its many financial powerhouses, should rank top on our list of hotspots, should come as no surprise. That said, two clusters in particular have piqued our interest here - Berlin and Paris.

Berlin, of course, is no surprise - we've spoken before about the bustling fintech scene there, and Crosslend (G-score: 4) is a fine example of this, offering comprehensive data solutions for the private lending sector.

This said, Paris is always an attractive FDI source for a wide range of industries, and fintech is no different. All-in-one business management platform Qonto (G-score: 2) has caught our eye, having raked in over $150 million in funding.

Last Week's Data

Reminder, folks - if you didn't see our email last week containing all of our new data for this month, you can find it by clicking the link below:

Fintech Spotlight

Fintech is an industry that is exploding in popularity and influence, so we've compiled some highlights below!

1. Arcus (G-score: 3)
Arcus, our first subject today, is exciting for several reasons. First off, they've raked in a substantial sum in outside investment and have shown no signs of slowing down. Second, their innovative digital wallet system makes it incredibly easy for any vendor to easily pick up and get immediate value.

If the past year has proven anything, it is that fast, reliable, and traceable online transaction tools are here to stay. With operations in the United States and Mexico already, Arcus is ready to leave its footprint worldwide.

2. Plaid (G-score: 5)
Those interconnections don't spring up by themselves, though. That's where Plaid comes in. Plaid's innovative platform allows the seamless integration of multiple financial platforms, providing the backbone for any set of transactions.

What makes Plaid exciting is that, as the entire Fintech industry grows, the need for systems which can keep the many different services working in harmony is going to be essential. IT-oriented organizations, take note!

3. Forter (G-score: 5)
Of course, the increasing interconnectivity of the world coupled with a rising volume in online transactions carries a risk - the increased possibility of fraud. That's where Forter comes in. Using cutting-edge cybersecurity tools, they've paved the way in detecting and preventing digital fraud attempts.

As more and more transactions take place online, Forter is a strong position to fill an ever-expanding market. If you're looking to build up both a cybersecurity and fintech sector in your area, Forter can help you fill both niches in one fell swoop.

Fintech Trade Shows

Two trade shows stand out to us as being of particular interest for the fintech-minded. The first is InsureNXT, which took place digitally in May of this year. Uniting the tech, finance, and insurance industries and drawing big names from across Europe and beyond, this show is a great place to start!

We would also be remiss if we didn't mention the aptly named Money2020, as well as their upcoming show this July. Dedicated chiefly to the financial and transition tech sectors, MoneyFest is a truly massive show, bringing rising stars from all over the world.

Fintech Featured Lists

Rounding this week's newsletter out, we have two exciting featured lists to consider. First up is a list we've cooked up ourselves - our list of Fintech Companies to Watch. Featuring 50 companies from every corner of the globe, this is a great list to kick off your outreach.

Finally, we bring you the work of some very smart people outside of Gazelle, namely the Forbes Fintech 50. Between Forbes's insight and our G-scores, you'll have more than enough to revolutionize your area's fintech sector!

That will about to cover it for this week, folks! Questions? Concerns? Thoughts on the new long-form format? Be sure to let us know.

In the meantime all the best and Happy Gazelleing!

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