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How to Book More Meetings with Growing Companies
How to Book More Meetings with Growing Companies

Missed our February 2023 webinar? View the recording, presentation slides & additional resources that can help you book more meetings

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Webinar: How to Book More Meetings with Growing Companies

Date: February 2023

Knowledge You'll Gain:

In this 30-minute webinar, presenter Jenna Lane (VP of Customer Success & Customer Experience) reviews common barriers to successful outreach campaigns and tips to overcome them. Jenna also shares four ways of using data to reach more growth-oriented companies. This presentation also addresses the benefits of using LinkedIn and other digital tools to create engaging content for your prospects.

View the recording below and supplemental resources which include the presentation slides, customizable outreach templates, a quick start outreach plan and our eBook titled 'Handling Objections Like a Boss'.

Watch the recording:

Download the resources:

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