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Webinar: ESG 101: An Industry Deep Dive & How To Boost Your Outreach Strategy

Date: October 2022

Knowledge You'll Gain:

ESG focuses on Environmental, Social and Governance and on a set of criteria measuring a wide array of company attributes that impact the lives of both stakeholders and non-stakeholders. It looks at everything from a company’s overall carbon footprint to its internal audit and financial control practices that might fall under the umbrella of ESG.

During this webinar, we'll look at how to leverage our data to help you reach out to these key contacts and companies in the ESG space, why this industry should be a part of your 2023 target in investment attraction, and more. We have a bonus at the end of the webinar - stay tuned!

  • Nail your closing strategy with our top-notch sales techniques

  • Why the ESG market should be on your radar for 2023

  • What is the ESG industry and why it should be included in your 2023 market strategy

  • How you should use our data to reach out to key contacts and companies in the ESG space

  • Actionable examples & interactive Q&A

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