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Webinar: How To Leverage Our New Import/Export Data As A B2B or Economic Development Organization

Date: May 2022

Knowledge You'll Gain:

Watch our exclusive webinar on “How To Leverage Our New Import/Export Data As A B2B or Economic Development Organization” on Wednesday, May 25th. We're thrilled to have Mark Condon from ImportGenius join us as our guest expert.

At Gazelle.ai, we know the importance of having the highest quality data at all times, especially in top industries and global networks such as import/export. We're thrilled to announce that we've partnered with ImportGenius.com to aggregate maritime shipping manifests from US Customs records and provide searchable access. Gazelle.ai now features the top 250,000 importers across the US with a listing of their top 20 suppliers and the origin of shipments.

During this webinar, you'll experience a deep dive into our import/export data with our knowledgeable guest expert Mark Condon from ImportGenius. We'll cover how to build your lists and leverage this data using actionable and effective strategies including identifying companies with increasing shipments to the US, estimating gaps in local supply chains and industry clusters, anticipating the growth of local manufacturers based on the volume of shipments of manufacturing inputs, and more!

  • A high-level overview of ImportGenius data

  • Strategies and tactics when conducting your search within Gazelle.ai

  • Tips & tricks for building your lists within Gazelle.ai

  • Actionable use case examples with an interactive Q&A session

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