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Welcome to Gazelle.ai and the beginning of your user training journey. At Gazelle.ai, we want to ensure that you understand to the full capacity of what our platform can do and how you can leverage the incredible data that it holds. We know that individuals take in information at different paces and in different ways, so we've provided various learning opportunities to get familiar with the platform and learn all of the valuable ways you can download lists, look for contacts and more!

First, let's make sure that you can log into the platform with your credentials.

Tour All Of The Gazelle.ai Features

Take a virtual product tour of all that Gazelle.ai has the offer. You can choose to have a detailed tour of each feature of Gazelle.ai that takes a deep dive into each aspect of the platform that produces high-quality data that you can leverage for your organization. Visit the product tour directory here.

Gazelle.ai User Training Sessions

It's time to start your Gazelle.ai journey. Below we will take you through user training Session #1 'Platform Overview and Training Exercises' and #2 'Going Further With Gazelle.ai: Master Gazelle.ai's Advanced Features and List Building Strategies'. Please watch each video in its entirety to get the full training experience.

Gazelle.ai User Training Session #1 Platform Overview and Training Exercises

Gazelle.ai User Training Session#2 Going Further With Gazelle.ai: Master Gazelle.ai's Advanced Features and List Building Strategies

The Gazelle.ai Help Center

Our Help Center is your go-to place for all things Gazelle.ai. If videos aren't your thing, don't worry you can read all about Getting Started With Gazelle.ai and Going Further With Gazelle.ai all within our Help Center. We have detailed articles that will help you with all of your questions. If you are still needing help moving forward with your list building, resetting your password or finding the right keywords reach out to a member of our Customer Success team via our chat in the right-hand corner.

How To Access The Gazelle.ai Customer Success Team

To contact any member of the Customer Success team click on the chatbox in the right-hand corner of your screen. A chat box will pop up that will prompt you to start a conversation with a member of our Customer Success team, search our Help Center or conduct a direct search of our Help Center from the chat itself.

Prefer Live Training?

We offer live weekly user training sessions led by a member of our Customer Success team every Tuesday and Thursday. By completing Session #1 and Session #2 of our training successfully you are eligible to receive our Gazelle.au Certified Specialise digital badge which you can display and add to your Linkedin profile. Join us at one of our weekly sessions by registering here.

Catch Up On The Latest Gazelle.ai News

Each week we release newsletters with the latest Gazelle.ai data and industry trends. In our newsletters, you'll find customer webinar invites, the latest training events, data releases and more! Learn more here.

If you have any questions about user training sessions #1 or #2 that you've viewed above, please reach out to a member of our Customer Success team via our chat or by email at support@gazelle.ai.

Happy Gazelle-ing!

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