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Are you looking to plan your organization's trade show schedule each quarter? Using the Gazelle.ai feature, you can now view upcoming trade shows for up to 6 months in 2022 by using our 'Upcoming' filter in the Tade Shows tab.

Please note that these trade shows, which have upcoming in brackets, are not clickable as we do not have exhibitors listed under them.

How To Find Upcoming Trade Shows On The Gazelle.ai Platform

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to view all upcoming trade shows in Gazelle.ai in advance of their release.

1. Log into the platform and go to the Trade Shows feature.

2. Click on the top right corner, which filters all trade shows by year. Click 'Unselect All' and then select 'Upcoming.'

3. Once this filter is selected, all upcoming trade shows will appear with 'Upcoming' in brackets next to the trade show. Trade shows that are labelled with 'upcoming' are not clickable as they do not have exhibitors listed yet. They will be updated closer to the trade show date and made live with the linked list.

If you wish to request a trade show, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Success team member by using our chat or at support@gazelle.ai. For more information on requesting trade shows, please review our guidelines here.

Happy Gazelle-ing!

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