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At Gazelle.ai, we're all about providing you with only the highest quality data. We've developed the Feedback button on each company profile so that company details can be updated if you ever come across incorrect or out-of-date information.

How To Use The Feature Feedback Button

The Feedback button is located on each company profile on the top right-hand corner of the profile. Once you click on the button, a pop-up will appear on your screen and provide you options on how to submit your feedback on the company profile when you encounter the following:

  • Employee/Revenue: You can refine your search using the employee and revenue filter. If you find that employee or revenue data is inaccurate from your records and company data, we want to know! Submit the new employee and revenue information in the form below with as much detail as possible.

  • Industry: Each company lists the industry NAIC code and business within their company profile. You will find that the appropriate NAIC code and cluster have defined the company according to their industry. If the company is listed inaccurately under the wrong industry sector or the industry is missing altogether, you submit for the change in the recommendations box below.

  • Keyword: If you encounter a company profile with an inaccurate keyword or missing keywords that will help you refine your company search, submit your feedback in the recommendations box.

  • Location/Address: Each company profile lists the location and address of their headquarters. If the current location/address is missing or incorrect, you can submit the new address and location to be updated in the next monthly data upload.

  • Invalid Contact: Each company profile contains contacts of executives working at the company. Don't forget to use the Gazelle.ai Reach Out Outreach Strategy to connect with contacts listed in fast-growth companies you want to communicate with. If you come across a profile that has missing or inaccurate contact information, such as a missing phone number or email, you can submit to update the data for the next monthly update.

  • Other: If you find inaccurate information that does not align with the company profile, including an incorrect Twitter feed or newsfeed postings, submit your recommendation for removal and updates.

If you have additional comments and data to include for the company profile, you can include this to the right of the pop-up in the Any Additional Comments box.

What Happens To The Feedback I Submit?

After you've completed inputting the information, a pop-up will appear confirming that you've submitted. The Data team at Gazelle.ai will receive your feedback submission and will update the platform accordingly within the following monthly data upload. All of your questions can be answered here in the Feedback FAQs.

If you need any assistance with providing feedback on a company profile, don't hesitate to reach out to a member of our team here support@gazelle.ai or by messaging us in the chat to the right of your page.

Happy Gazelle-ing!

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