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Welcome back one and all to this week's edition of the Gazelle.ai Newsletter! This week, we'll take a look at two very special map tips and tricks you may have overlooked in using the platform. Learn these and you'll be well on your way to full Gazelle.ai mastery!

Let's dive right in, shall we?

1. Here-And-There (HAT) Query

For our next tip, let's take a look at another underused feature of Gazelle.ai - the Here-And-There (or HAT) query. Do you want to take a look at companies headquartered in one area but present in another? The HAT Query can modify your advanced map search to get the exact results you're looking for!

Let's start off with a Company Finder search for NAICS code 336111 - Automobile Manufacturing. Now let's go into the Map Tile and select "Advanced Search." With the new drop-down menu, let's specify that we are looking for companies headquartered in Michigan and present in Texas. Our search query should look like this:



Now if we take a look at the companies on the list, you'll notice - there's some companies which are neither in Texas nor in Michigan on this list! Don't worry, that's normal.

NB: By default, the Map Tile finds all companies which satisfy its criteria. In other words, in our search an Illinois-based subsidiary of a company which is headquartered in Michigan and also present in Texas will appear by default.

In order to cut out all of these "In-between" search results, let's go back into the Map Tile. You'll notice there's a box under the drop-down menu for the Advanced Search feature labeled "HAT Query." Go ahead and click on it.


What the HAT (Here-And-There) Query option does is eliminate all of the results of your search which are not specifically in the geographic areas you choose. In our example, this means that the search results will be limited just to the specific locations in Michigan and Texas, and not any other "technically correct" company profiles which are neither "Here" nor "There."

This feature can save you a ton of time when it comes to weeding out data which you don't want included in a download! When you're specifically targeting a given geographic area, we highly recommend giving the HAT Query a shot!

2. The Geographical Information System (GIS)

I should hope that you all know about the tremendous power of our Map Tile, but did you know there's another way to visualize Gazelle.ai's data? When you're in the Company Finder, take a look at that small toggle in the center of your screen, just under the Filter Bar. That's our View Indicator.

By default, companies in Gazelle.ai are presented in List Format (the option on the left, already selected). If you click the little globe icon, though...


... you can now see all of the companies in your search represented by pins on a map of the world! This is an amazing tool for identifying unexpected clusters of industries around the world. Don't forget, you can use our handy Map Draw Tool (seen below) to select any cluster of companies you think looks interesting!

N.B.: The "Map Draw" tool in the GIS and inputting any criteria in the Map Tile are mutually exclusive.

That will about do it for this week, folks! I hope these little tips and tricks were helpful! Are you interested in hearing more handy little shortcuts like these? Is there a feature you'd like us to really explain in depth? Be sure to let us know.

In the meantime, all the best and Happy Gazelleing!

On behalf of your Customer Success Team,

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