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Week of May 31st

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Hi there!

Welcome back one and all to the Newsletter! I hope you're all doing well. We're shifting up the format today a little bit as we change our upload schedule - more on that soon! Today, I thought we'd take a deep dive into one of our favorite industry sectors - drones - and help you pick out some real highlights which we've found in our research, as well as pair these companies with some key trade shows and featured lists to start building your own lists.

That said, before we get too stuck in, we have some exciting news for you all! Namely...

New Data!

Let's kick things off this week with the most exciting news we have on offer - brand new data! We're thrilled to announce that we've added over 76,000 new companies in the UK and Germany to the platform!

This has been a major focus from us, but don't take it from me! Our President and CEO, Steven Jast, wanted to chime in with this:

"Over the last 6 months, we've been hearing more and more from customers about how they use the platform and what would make it even better. Our customers are looking for a platform which is balanced with data from all around the world and as such, we've taken huge strides in deepening our data presence in Western Europe. Germany and the UK are the first in several major updates in the region, and we can't wait to share even more with you!"

Thanks, Steve. Want to get a look at all the new data? Check out our new "New Companies" toggle!

Please Note: These new companies mostly do not have G-scores yet. Don't worry - they'll be scored in one of our upcoming data updates! If you're impatient, though, feel free to dive right into all of the data we've already pulled together.

Drones: A Deep Dive

Drone technology is still in its relative infancy, but it has already been making huge advances. Capable of going places people can't, drones have already shown great promise in everything from film production to home security. To help you get the very most out of this exciting sector, I've pulled together four drone and drone-related companies which I think are interesting and worth investigating.

1. Aerobotics (G-score: 6)

Aerial photography has, unsurprisingly, been one of the first and most popular uses for drones. Allowing companies to survey large stretches of land from the air without the need for expensive and disruptive helicopters, drone photography has already been used to great success in the mining, agriculture, and architectural sectors.

What makes the crop analytics company Aerobotics interesting, however, is that they take this technology one step further. You see, not only is Aerobotics a drone company, they have also developed cutting-edge artificial intelligence in order to analyze the data they gather in real time.

What's more, their confirmed expansion project, first published last year, should still be active based on the timeframe they laid out during our initial conversation - looking for an R&D office in the United States in the next few years. Happy hunting!

2. Zipline (G-score: 6)
I know we're supposed to be objective here, but if I can speak candidly for a minute, this one is my favorite. Zipline is a drone-based delivery platform unlike any I have ever seen, using a revolutionary system of drones and catapults to parachute vital medicine into hard-to-reach areas. If you want to promote companies which are both technically innovative and socially conscious, I couldn't recommend them highly enough!

Their expansion project has likely elapsed by this point (we have been unable to confirm this, but the projected timeline has elapsed), but that doesn't mean Zipline isn't ready to expand again! We highly recommend you get in touch if you're looking to build out an aerospace, drone, or logistics hub in your area.

3. Robolink (G-score: 5)Of course, drones don't design themselves! Companies like the ones we're covering here can't grow if new generations of designers, engineers, and programmers don't have the tools they need to succeed. That's where Robolink comes in - their products are specifically designed to help aspiring engineers and programmers develop their very own drones in classroom settings.

Robolink in particular offers several valuable opportunities for organizations looking to give their local economies a boost which make it stand out compared to the other companies in the platform. While the company itself is full of opportunity and in a prime position to expand its corporate capacity, they also offer seminars and summer camps which can be a great investment in your area's next generation of trailblazers.

4. Sunflower Labs (G-score:4)
Last but certainly not least, Sunflower Labs is revolutionizing home security with their cutting-edge system. Combining aerial photography and a series of inconspicuous sensor arrays, Sunflower's systems allow their customers to set up autonomous home security cameras which can respond to, record, and alert them to any unexpected presence on their property.

Sunflower Labs brings together several exciting strands, from artificial intelligence (obviously a big hit with us) to drone development into a single exciting project. Unlike many other drone systems, which still rely on human pilots, Sunflower's drones are completely autonomous. Not to worry, all they currently do is record video, notify their owner, and return to their fully-autonomous charging ports.

... for now.

Three key trade shows to find drone companies!

Have those four companies piqued your interest? Are you eager to head out into the world and find more companies like them once trade show season picks up again? Here's a few recommendations we have for you, either to review or to keep an eye out for for 2021.

  1. Fruit Logistica (no, really!): A German biotech and agrotech expo every February, Fruit Logistica may not be your first thought when it comes to the drones sector, but think again! Agricultural surveying and management is a massive part of the drone sector - see Aerobotics, from before. Drone companies are often present at shows like Fruit Logistica, hoping to snag new clients, so why not take a look at our matched list for Fruit Logistica to get a sense of who to look out for?

  2. CES: It can't be a shock to hear that we heartily recommend the Consumer Electronics Show, one of the biggest shows of its kind in the world. After all, drones aren't just for industrial purposes - ordinary people use them all the time, as well! You can find the matched list for CES at this link.

  3. Singapore Airshow: Of course, drones aren't just the small consumer-grade quadcopters we've mostly focused on today - unmanned vehicles are a huge part of the aerospace sector as a whole, and where better to get a sense of the industry than the Singapore airshow? Even if you're not planning on crossing the Pacific to attend in person, our matched list of exhibitors is too good to miss!

A featured list to consider!

Wrapping us up this week, how about a featured list to help you find even more companies like the ones we've explored in detail here? Thanks to our hardworking Data Curation team, we've pulled together Crunchbase's top trending drone companies and matched them to What's better than Crunchbase and separately? Using our cutting-edge AI to make searching through their data even better than ever!

That will about cover it for this new format of our newsletter! Are there any other changes you'd like to see us make to these emails? Any industries you'd particularly love for us to do a deep dive on? Be sure to let us know!

As always, all the best and Happy Gazelleing!

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