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What Is The Lead Manager And How Does It Work?

Gazelle.ai's Lead Manager is the first step in a broader overhaul of how Gazelle.ai can help you spend less time chasing and more time closing. With this feature, which takes the place of the old MyNotes system, you'll be able to keep track of all of your outreach from inside the Gazelle.ai platform.

Let's walk through an example of how to use it. To start off, choose any profile in the Company Finder and select "Lead Manager" from the tabs on the top right-hand side.

Once you’re in the Lead Manager tab for a target company, you’ll be able to define the nature of the activity that you’re trying to log, from a simple note or task to recaps of phone conversations you’ve had with your leads. For our example let’s say we wanted to remind ourselves to reach out via LinkedIn to Daniel Kerzner, the Chief Product Officer at Alarm.com. (1) We'll start by selecting the "Social Outreach" button from the Lead Type menu. (2) Next up, we recommend coming up with a pithy subject line to help you identify the nature of your note at a glance. If you’re recapping a conversation with a particular individual, we recommend using their name, but if you can’t decide, Gazelle.ai will automatically fill in the name of the company you’re tracking.

(3) Since we want Gazelle to remind us that we want to reach out to Daniel, let's go ahead and set a reminder for a few days' time at 9:00 AM. (4) Finally, once we're happy with our results, let's go ahead and save this note and inspect our handiwork.

And we’re done! Once you’ve saved a lead, you can see it and any other leads for that company in the “Lead Manager” tab. From here, you can edit, delete, or sort your tasks. For an overview of every note like this that we’ve taken, we can click on the “Lead Manager” button on the homepage…

… or in the toolbar!

From the Lead Manager main page, you can overview, sort, edit, or delete any of the notes you have taken about any of the companies in Gazelle.ai.

That will about cover it! Have questions? Concerns? Please let us know.

Happy Gazelleing!

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