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What the List Is

The Gazelle.ai Site Selector and Industrial Broker List contains over 500 companies with professionals in their respective fields, operating in 686 and 36 countries. To find the list, you can follow the link above or find it in the "Gazelle.ai" section of our Featured List tab.

Because our list is oriented around the specific individuals while Gazelle.ai as a whole tends to focus on companies, you'll notice there is a wide variety of companies on the list, from site-selection firms to giant international companies for whom site selection and industrial brokerage are only one part of their larger operations. To access the new contact information we gathered as part of the list, you will need to go into the "People" tab of a company on the list. The site selectors or industrial brokers will be clearly designated by job titles on this screen.

You may notice that some of the contacts in the highlighted companies have the designation "SIOR" in their job title. That indicates that they are accredited by the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors - the most prestigious level of recognition available to the profession in the United States. When you see this designation in a contact's job title, you can be sure that you're working with the very finest the industry has to offer.

Note that the area of responsibility is also labeled here.

Relatedly, you may also notice that we've identified which market a given contact is involved in. This is significant because, as I'll elaborate upon in just a moment, we urge you to narrowcast your outreach to these individuals as much as possible. Targeting contacts who not only work for companies you are interested in but also in your area of operations is going to be essential for you to get the most out of what this list offers.

How to the Use the List

Our design philosophy here at Gazelle is to use our cutting-edge intelligent targeting capabilities to fill your pipeline with growth companies, and this list is no exception to that principle. We do want to recommend a bit more caution than we ordinarily do with contacting key decision-makers with this list, however. Because the contacts in these companies often have very specific areas of responsibility and expertise, we strongly advise reaching out to them individually rather than sending mass emails. Doing a little bit of legwork to ensure that your prospects are working in your area of interest specifically will go a very long way toward getting the best results.

Unsure in general how to run an effective outreach campaign? Thankfully, the rest of our Gazelle.ai Outreach Guide is still an invaluable resource to structuring your contact's attempt so that they're maximally effective.

Like with any feature on Gazelle.ai, we'll be constantly updating and expanding this list based on your feedback, so be sure to get in touch with us with any questions or concerns you may have!

Happy Gazelle-ing!

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