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Important Checklist Markers When Using Gazelle.ai

There are things we do every day, like brush our teeth or wash our faces. There are things we do every month, like get a haircut or call that one friend who lives across the country.  Similarly, there are items to check daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually in Gazelle.ai. Check out our checklist for tasks to complete at the 1-month mark below!

The Gazellle.ai Feed

 The Gazelle.ai Feed is your way to curate your company and industry news, so you can keep on top of your warmer leads and major industry shifts. You can set it up at the bottom of your dashboard as soon as you log in. You can choose as many different company names as well as any industries that you want news on. We, at Gazelle.ai, want to keep you as updated as possible. This will send you a daily update of any pertinent information from the news.

Build Your Own Lists In The Company Finder

The Company Finder is where you can add in your industry criteria using NAICS codes, Keywords, and Clusters. You can use our Filter Bar to further refine your lists by Revenue, G Score, Funding, and more. 

If you'd like a quick refresher on how to use the Company Finder, you can take this tour here: Company Finder Tour.

VC Funded Companies

Another tile on your dashboards is dedicated to VC-funded companies. You will not only know that they have been VC funded, but you can pinpoint when they have been funded and what type of funding they've received. We recommend periodically checking rounds of Series B funding, as we have correlated Series B funding with physical expansion!

Featured Lists & Trade Shows

Another great feature is the Featured Lists; this is where you can find and search through companies that have been awarded by third-party organizations, like Forbes 2000, as well as our own Gazelle curated lists with our best recommendations.

Companies that attend trade shows tell us quite a lot, including two major points - the company is financially stable and may consider entering a new market. This is especially true of companies attending trade shows outside of their region. 

If you'd like a quick refresher on these two sections, you can take a self-guided tour here: Trade Shows and Featured Lists.

Reaching Out To Companies

Now that you’ve built your search and customized some lists, you can start reaching out to companies! This can be a very daunting task, but have no fear! We have put together an incredible guide for you to use as you're bolstering up your communication attempts. This guide includes not only the best action plan for you to reach out to people but also some great templates for you to use! 

The last step to getting fully onboarded to your best first month with Gazelle is to check in with your Customer Success Manager. Email us to set up a meeting! 

Happy Gazelle-ing!

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