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Welcome aboard to your Gazelle.ai trial! To help you get going, we've put together this handy checklist. If you complete all of these steps over the course of your trial, we can be sure that you'll get a full sense of what Gazelle.ai can do for you!

Take the Gazelle.ai Product Tour

The first stop on your trial should be the Gazelle.ai Product Tour. It'll only take a few minutes and will give you a really great overview of what you can expect from Gazelle.ai! 

Once you're done with that, be sure to check out our Product Tour Directory, which has helpful in-depth examples for a wide range of features and case studies.

Set Up Your Gazelle.ai Feed

Did you know that you can get news related to your companies and industries of interest delivered right to your inbox first thing every morning? Now you can! Follow this link to set up your Gazelle.ai news feed. 

Once it's set up, here are some prompts to bear in mind for keywords to include: 

  • Do you have a major employer in your area?

  • Is there a client or lead that you need a specific "hook" for?

  • What industries are you looking to target?

  • What new technologies are you looking to take advantage of?

Put Together Your First 50 Profiles

Fifty profiles may sound like a lot, but Gazelle makes it easy! Here are some things to bear in mind when you're constructing a list of high-growth leads. 

  • First and foremost: use the G-score filter! A G-score filter of 2 or higher will identify the best growth companies for you to reach out to.

  • NAICS codes are a great first choice for finding industries, but try pairing them with keywords. 

  • If you're interested in specific geographic areas, don't forget that you can use both the Basic and Advanced Search features in the Map tile to find the exact companies you need. 

  • Still, too many lead to choose from? Try adding filters for Revenue, Employees, or Locations. 

  • If you're still at a loss of what else to look for, why not ask us for help?

Once you've put the list together, be sure to save it into a folder so you can come back to it later!

People love our trade show lists, and for good reason! They're a great resource to use in planning a trade mission - but don't let that fool you into thinking that that's all they're good for. A trade show list can also act as a great jumping-off point for a particular industry. If you're interested in automation, for instance, you should know who signed up to exhibit at Automatica, whether or not you plan on attending. 

The same goes for our Featured Lists. If you're looking for a great primer on a wide range of industries from Genetics and Genomics to Third-Party Logistics, we have great starter lists already created for you!

Find Your Key Industry's Top Three Suppliers

Using our Industry Finder feature, you can select any NAICS Code or Cluster and get an in-depth analysis about what they need to develop and thrive! Just scroll down on any given industry profile and you'll be able to find that industry's biggest buyers and suppliers in the Value Chain Analysis section. 

It's a great idea to select the top three supplier industries and start a list from there! Just click on the white box next to the NAICS codes and then click on the blue "Search in Finder" on the right, like this: 

Read Our Ultimate Outreach Article

Finally, once you've gotten your list squared away, we have some handy advice for you for getting the most out of your calls and chats with leads. Behold, our Ultimate Guide To Outreach!

Check these off and you can be confident that you have a strong grasp of the kinds of ways that Gazelle can revolutionize how you track down and follow through with the very best expansion leads.

Questions? Concerns? Be sure to let us know.

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