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A Guide For Using Our GIS Mapping Feature To Target Your Search Results
A Guide For Using Our GIS Mapping Feature To Target Your Search Results

Our cluster mapping feature including our GIS mapping view that gives your a concentrated view of companies in targeted regions.

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Not only can you display the Company Finder search results in a list view, but you can also switch search results to be displayed using the GIS mapping view!

At the top center of the search results, you have two icons – one on the left for the list view, and a ‘globe’ on the right for the GIS view. You can switch freely back and forth between these two at any time during your search.

Having the ability to pin-pointing each company, right down to longitude and latitude data at the zip code level, has major advantages!

On a broader scale, by grouping the pinpoints into clusters, it’s easier to observe the regions that have a higher concentration of companies within a specific industry – which can be useful when locating the ‘hot spot’ regions for emerging or niche industries.

If you’re focused on a more precise/customized area, let’s say for an upcoming trip, the GIS view gives users the ability to draw a specific area on the map and focus, for example, on companies that are within a manageable driving distance of each other. Just zoom in on your area of focus, click the cursor icon at the bottom-right, and draw a square on the map to set the ‘Custom Map Selection’. This will limit the results to only include the companies that are located exactly within the specified region.

When you are seeking a high concentration of your ideal prospects, let the new Cluster Map feature show you the way.

For your viewing pleasure, we created a short video explaining how to use this exciting new feature, simply click on this link!

Happy Gazelle-ing!

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