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What Are "Buzz" and "Reach" Primers
What Are "Buzz" and "Reach" Primers

What's the buzz? We'll tell you what's happening.

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What Are Buzz and Reach Primers and How They Affect A Company's Score

Website Buzz is, in short, a measure of a website's popularity. Millions of companies are sorted by estimated web traffic, with 1 being the most popular website. The closer a company scores to 1, the more popular they are and the more online attention their expansion to your area could generate! Let's use Apple as an example. 

As you can see, Apple's company website has been between (approximately) the 85th and 55th most popular website studied by Alexa since the first quarter of 2018. See that jump during Q4 2018? That corresponds with Apple unveiling its new iPhone XS

Reach is a similar concept approaching the idea of internet popularity from another angle. Rather than rank websites, Reach is instead a measure of what percentage (expressed as a number of Alexa toolbar users out of 1 million) have visited the website in question. Let's return to Apple as our example:

Here we see the same pattern as we saw with Buzz, expressed differently. Rather than an abstract movement up and down a ladder of ranked companies, we see that the spike in Quarter 4 of 2018 represents an increase in viewership of around 9,000 users per million. 

We hope that both of these new features will help you get the very most out of your outreach and make your data gathering that much more sophisticated. As always, if you have any questions at all, please let us know!

Happy Gazelle-ing!

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