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As there is no central agency that is responsible for assigning NAICS codes (or monitoring or approving them), so there is also no ‘official’ way to change or update a company’s NAICS code.

Companies self-assign their NAICS codes based on the establishments’ primary activity, and can opt to change their NAICS codes through filing new government forms and manually changing their NAICS code.

The NAICS code system itself is updated every 5 years, but there is no way to ensure every company has updated their NAICS code to be in line with the most current system or with changes to their own primary activities.

Gazelle.ai is currently using the most up-to-date NAICS Codes available and uses in-house technology to approximate the best matches to international NAICS codes.

If you have any questions or notice any discrepancies, please feel free to let us know at support@gazelle.ai. 

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