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How To Conduct An Industry Search
How To Conduct An Industry Search

A how-to guide on how to conduct an industry search using the Industry Finder feature.

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Updated over a week ago’s Industry Finder helps to uncover more about industries themselves, as well as helping to create custom searches for companies within a specific Industry.

Begin by selecting the purple Industry Finder on your account homepage.

The Industry Finder is divided into two sections. Industry information by (1) NAICS and (2) Clusters.

Search by NAICS or Clusters


By clicking on the yellow NAICS tile, you can select the six-digit NAICS code of your choice to access the industry information you are looking for. For example, if you are interested in hydroelectric power generation, you would select NAICS 221111.

The same goes for clusters! Click the orange Cluster tile, then select the cluster or sub-cluster of your choice from the drop-down menu. We'll stick with our example of hydroelectric power generation by selecting the Alternative Electric Power cluster.

Industry Page

Clicking on the NAICS or cluster will open the Industry Profile page! The industry page will give you data on the industry you select.

The top of the page gives you an industry overview. It includes an industry description, occupational profile, and information on industry revenues, profits, profit margins, establishments, employees, and average salary. The trends for these occupations and KPIs are also indicated by upwards or downwards arrows.

If you scroll down to Performance, you can see graphics on how the industry has been performing over recent years, and are able to view this data in relation to the performance of its 2 digit NAICS Parent over the same time period.

Value Chain Analysis

The Value Chain Analysis displays the entire supply chain ecosystem for an industry. The left-hand side displays the industries that sell to the industry you’re researching, while the right-hand side shows the industries that buy from that industry. Both sides include NAICS and the value of those industries in relation to the main industry. You are able to click on either suppliers or buyers to get to jump to that industry's respective profile page. 

By clicking on the boxes next to industries on either side, the option of Search In Finder will appear at the top-right of this section. By making selections and then clicking this option, the Company Finder will launch with your selections already populated in the search criteria. You can select as many industries as you want for this Search in Finder option.

The Industry profile also provides the top 10 states by a number of establishments and by employment in the US, along with a color-coded map to better display these figures. Just to the right, you can see the Growth Performance – how an industry (Primary) is performing against other industries in the same sector and/or supply chain.

Finally, you can get up to speed on the entire industry itself by looking at the latest articles in the news feed. Being up to speed on relevant industry news - not just company-specific news - can serve as a great ice-breaker when connecting with a prospective company!

Heat Map Analysis

Back at the top of the Industry page, click on Maps to switch to the industry map view. This view provides heat maps of the United States across different economic indicators (12 in total!) such as employment, salaries, and average growth profit. The filter slider above the map allows you to display data from different years or date ranges.

Once you decide on the information you’d like to see on the heat map, you can select the states or counties of interest by clicking on the map itself or by clicking on the list to the left.

With a quick scroll down, you will see companies in the locations you’ve selected are now displayed, with the same action-items available in the Company Finder – the filter bar, the option to save your search, and the ability to save or download the companies.

In the meantime, if you have any issues, reach out to us by using the live chat feature or emailing

Happy Gazelle-ing!

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