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You're all set up with Gazelle.ai, and now it's time to get started! What better way than by building a targeted company list?

Begin by selecting the Company Finder on your Gazelle.ai account homepage.

Once you're on the Company Finder page, you can start your search. The colored tiles will refine your search by listed criteria. These are:

(1) NAICS,
(2) Keywords,
(3) Clusters,
(4) Map,
(5) Featured Lists,
(6) and Trade Shows.

The Search

Gazelle.ai may not be able to help you in your search for the meaning of life (or can it?), but, the Company Search will help you find the companies you're looking for.

Each tile allows you to formulate your search based on its respective parameter. For example, let's say you're looking for logging companies that are likely to expand in the United States.


Click on the yellow NAICS tile and select the logging NAICS from the drop-down menu. You can select as many NAICS as you want. For our example, let's select Automobile Manufacturing, which is NAICS code 336111.

By clicking on the purple Keywords tile, you see our list of keyword categories. You can select the entire category by clicking on its name, or you can expand the category and select the associated individual keywords (for example, if you select Aerospace, you will include Business Aircraft, Drones, Security and Defense). You can also search for a keyword by using the keyword search bar at the top right. 

For our automobile manufacturing example, let's select our "Electric Vehicles" and "Electric Cars" keywords.

Don’t forget! You can make any keyword you’d like by typing it into the very top search bar and clicking on the magnifying glass/hitting enter.

Select the cluster or clusters of interest under the orange Clusters tile. There's no limit to how many you select. Here, we'll choose the Automotive sector, generally.

(4) Map

The map allows you to limit your search to a geographic area of your choosing – worldwide by country, by states and provinces in the U.S. and Canada, and by counties in the U.S.A. 

Use the radio buttons at the top right of the Map drop-down to select the desired level, then click either directly on the map itself or on the sidebar on the left to select the areas you’d like to include. The Here-and-There Query also offers advanced map settings.

For this example, we select the United States as our area of interest.

Featured Lists allow you to include companies that have been featured in top publications. You can select the specific publication you want to include by clicking on the dark blue Featured Lists tile. Alternatively, you can check the Featured box in the Filter bar (below the colored tiles) to include all companies that are part of any featured publication.

Last, but not least: trade shows! With trade shows, you can identify companies that are participating in a trade show. Don't know which trade show you're looking for, but want companies that are actively networking and attending? No problem! Check the "Trade Shows" box on the Filter Bar and you’ll include any company that is part of one or more trade show lists.


The search tiles have allowed you to build your company list. But you can narrow down that list by using filters. The filters are very similar to the search criteria. They are:

(1) Revenue
(2) Employees
(3) G-Score
(4) Year Founded

(5) Funding
(6) Role (Headquarters, Subsidiary, or Branch)
(7) Status (Open, Acquired, or Closed)

(8) Number of Locations

(9) International Presence

You can narrow your company search according to a company's revenue. Simply click on the Revenue drop-down menu below the yellow NAICS tile. Continuing with the logging example, we select companies with revenue of 10 to 50 million. 

Employee numbers apply along with the same principle as revenue. You can filter companies by employee number range. Here we select all.

The most important filter! If you can only stay awake for one part of this article, this is it!

The G-Score is at the center of Gazelle.ai. It allows you to see which companies are most likely to expand. The higher the G-Score, the greater confidence we have in a company's expansion prospects! For our example, we want nothing but the best! We select companies with G-Score of 3 and above.

(4) Year Founded

It's no secret that recently-founded companies may face a wide range of challenges. Whether you want to make sure new businesses get a strong start in your area or want to make sure your leads have their feet firmly planted under them, you can use this tab to narrow down your prospects by how long they've been in business.

The VC Funding tabs (Funding Date & Funding Stage) are two neat filters that can really get your creative search juices flowing. It allows you to determine which companies have received any VC funding when they last received funding and also what type of funding round (Seed, Series A, B, C etc.) they have received. 

Using the two together has some strategic advantages. For example, you can see which companies received funding in the last three to twelve months, but also limit the results to include only companies that have received Series C funding (Series C funding is usually given to companies that are already quite successful but require additional funding in order to help them develop new products, expand into new markets, or even to acquire other companies, so these companies could be a great target!)

(6) Role

With the Role filter, you can distinguish between headquarters, subsidiaries, and branches. For our logging search, let's limit it to headquarters.

(7) Status

Finally, the company status! With Gazelle, the Status filter allows you to sift through companies based on their current status: active, acquired, or closed. 

For now, we'll keep our search to active and acquired.

(8) Number of Locations

If you want to limit your search to only companies with a specific number of locations, this filter will allow you to narrow your search.

(9) International Presence

When looking for companies who are willing to expand internationally, one of the most reliable indicators is finding companies that have already set up shop in more than one country. By filtering for "Yes" in the International Presence filter, you will be able to narrow your results just to companies that have offices in more than one country.

In our example, that leaves us with a little over 150 companies to contact! With just a few search terms, we have found a workable list which we will be able to use to build a killer outreach campaign.

That's it! Congratulations! Your search is complete. Keep in mind, you can choose and select as many search criteria and filters as you want. 

So, there you have it - a targeted company list! Once you've read it, gone through it, played around with it, and tweaked it, there are a number of things you can do!

  • Save your search for later

  • Save specific companies to a folder

  • Write notes & set reminders for any follow-up, or

  • Download your results as a CSV file.

In the meantime, if you have any issues, reach out to us by using the live chat feature or emailing support@gazelle.ai.

Happy Gazelle-ing!

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