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How To Use NAICS Codes To Refine Your Search
How To Use NAICS Codes To Refine Your Search

Searching by NAICS code is as easy as 11, 112, 1123 using! Refine your search for qualified leads using our filters.

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes allow you to filter your search by industry title. Once you’ve opened the Company Finder, click on the yellow NAICS Industries tab. You’ll see the NAICS at the two-digit level drop down below. 

Clicking on the name of the industry will select the entirety of industries that fall under this 2-digit parent. 

Clicking on the triangles next to the NAICS code will expand drop-down menus to the three, four and six-digit code level. 

In a nutshell - the NAICS code level you select will include anything under its umbrella. For example, if you select NAICS 23 - Construction, your search will also include NAICS 236, 2361, 236115, 236116, 236117, 236118, etc.

Alternatively, if you initially select NAICS 23 - Construction, then decide to select 2361, the NAICS 23 will be de-selected, and you will only have the companies under the more specific 4-digit NAICS.

Each NAICS code you select will be included in your search and will appear as a yellows box at the top of your results. You’ll also see the total number of selections marked in a circle on the yellow NAICS tab itself.

Not sure which NAICS code to start with? We always keep the NAICS Association's handy website at hand for those moments. Check out their keyword search here.

Using SIC codes? Here’s why we choose to use NAICS and here is a SIC to NAICS converter to assist!

Happy Gazelle-ing!

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