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The Importance of Using Our Map Filters to Refine Your Search Results

The Map allows you to refine your company search by selecting a geographic region. This can be at the:

  • Country-level worldwide, 

  • Provincial and state level in Canada and the United States, 

  • County-level in American states. 

How To Choose Between Geography Levels

Choose the regions of your choice by clicking on the map itself or by selecting through the list on the left.

By default, your map view will be at the country level, so Gazelle.ai will select the country of wherever you click. To choose a different level of geography, use the radio buttons at the top right of the map.

You’ll notice there are options for ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’ map searches at the top left. The advanced region search allows you to use the here and there (HAT) query. 

What the HAT is that?! The HAT query allows you to not only search multiple locations at once but designate the role (HQ, Branch, Subsidiary) companies have located in that respective area (or don’t have yet!)

Happy Gazelle-ing!

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