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How To Use The Role Filter
How To Use The Role Filter

Quickly sort your company search by headquarters, subsidiary, and branch locations to refine your results.

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The Role criteria is another fun function of the Company Finder. It allows you to include or exclude headquarters, subsidiaries and branches from your company search. By default, the Company Finder shows you results at all three levels.

You can select the Role drop-down menu just below the orange Clusters tile.

Right now, our results show headquarters, subsidiaries and branches. In this example, we'll Unselect All, then select Headquarters.

The company list is now filtered to show only Headquarter locations!

What if I filter by branch but then want to find the HQ location?
If you find a branch or subsidiary of interest but would like the learn more about their headquarters, simply open the main profile, and click the link under the company name: COMPANY X (branch of COMPANY Y). This will bring you to the HQ Profile, and you can see its location along with any other branches or subsidiaries.

In the meantime, if you have any issues, reach out to us by using the live chat feature or emailing

Happy Gazelle-ing!

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