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What Does The "Importer/Exporter" Indicator Mean?
What Does The "Importer/Exporter" Indicator Mean?

What does the importer/exporter indicator mean and the important role it plays in your search results in

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As part of our company profiles, we offer the ability to see whether the company is engaged in international trade at a glance by listing them as an "Importer" or "Exporter".

This data is primarily supplied by Lexis Nexis, and Database USA when possible. It’s derived from web scraping software scanning the company’s activities and is intended as an indicator of whether a company is engaged in importing or exporting. This is not a perfect measure though, as many companies use shippers and customs brokers to handle their international trade and that may keep them from showing on our radar. So sometimes, filtering by this indicator will return fewer companies than you might expect.

Luckily, we are exploring ways to expand this data offering right now. Our goal is to supply much more detailed product and origin/destination data, to help you build up a picture of a company's supply chain and international partners. As always, we will always keep our users posted as we develop these capabilities!

What kind of import/export data would you like to see on the platform? Simply click on the chat icon in the corner or send us an email to let us know! :)

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