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How To Use Keywords To Refine Your Search
How To Use Keywords To Refine Your Search

Here is a run-down on how to use keywords in your searches

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It can be very tricky to capture emerging industries like FinTech or CleanTech using only NAICS.

Great example - companies involved in drones/UAVs could be found under anything from Hardware Manufacturing, Electronic Computer Manufacturing or Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services. It requires a little digging but it’s out there for you!

Keywords (Gazelle currently has about 1600) help to identify the companies you’re targeting that can’t be grabbed by just using NAICS.

Keywords and buzzwords for certain industries might not come to mind off the top of your head – this is where the Keyword Categories come into play. These are hand-picked groupings of keywords to help with your searching:

But what if you can’t find the keyword you need? Well, you can make your own 😊 By typing in the top search bar and hitting enter/return, you can create whatever keyword you want. One of our Gazellers wanted to use Metalworking as a keyword, so we created it ourselves!

Don’t forget that you can always use the different search modes to broaden or narrow the company results!

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