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Economic developers have a plethora of information sources available to them, but Gazelle.ai stands out as the industry's only source combining artificial intelligence with usability so you can get real results!

Read on to find out more about the top six ways that Gazelle.ai leads the herd.

1. Machine Learning Capabilities 

By our best estimation, Gazelle.ai is the only business intelligence platform that employs trained algorithms to index companies based on their likelihood to expand. Our team of Ph.D. economists studied over 240 data signals over a ten-year time series dataset to identify company growth “signals.” The signals were observed in a control group of over 6,000 companies known to have expanded over the past three years. Data that was most remarkable in the 18 months prior to company expansions were identified. These signals were then used to train learning algorithms to detect similar attributes across all 7 million company establishments in the Gazelle.ai platform. The algorithms index companies based on their likelihood to expand. The blend of machine learning and economic data to prognosticate growth at the company level is unique to Gazelle.ai. 

2. Industry Heat Mapping

Gazelle.ai is the only data platform* to include heatmaps at the state and county levels across over 900 6-digit NAICS industries. These heat maps allow end users to discover density and growth (over the past 5 years) based on employment, total salaries, net sales, gross profits, establishments and average salaries. This heat-mapping feature helps users understand occupation needs across the 900 featured NAICS industries across every county and State in the US. The heat maps further help end-users identify cluster growth “hot spots” that are most useful for investment attraction and targeting. The expertise used to create heat maps for company profits and revenue (density and growth) is exclusive to Gazelle.ai and was generated by our in-house team of economists and developers. To our knowledge, Gazelle.ai is the only product capable of generating company lists in accordance with any of the selected heat maps at the state and county levels.

3. Industry Buying and Selling Ecosystem

The Gazelle.ai platform is the only* data platform that features the ability to both expose the buying and selling ecosystems across 900 6-digit NAICS industries and generate lists of companies specific to these industries (buying or selling) at the state and county levels. End users can instantly build lists of buyers and sellers of goods and materials associated with any one of 900 6-digit NAICS industries anywhere in the world.

4. Blended Search capabilities

To identify emerging companies, as well as emerging industries, Gazelle.ai features blended searching capabilities that include 1,600 keywords, intuitive word searches, 900 NAICs industries, Harvard-defined business cluster and sub-cluster groupings, VC funding, revenue growth (based on 3rd party company growth lists) and proprietary AI growth. Gazelle.ai is also the only database to deploy GIS software to illustrate the full “footprint” of individual company affiliations by pin drop (regional HQs, subsidiaries, branches, JVs, affiliates, etc.), as well as specific company search results in a user-selected geographic area. 

5. Human Curated Expansion Projects

Above and beyond the AI indexing for companies likely to expand, Gazelle.ai’s in-house research team interviews executives at over 120,000 companies per year. The interviews are meant to establish if a company is planning an expansion initiative within the coming 18-36 months. If a company is planning to expand, the Gazelle.ai team tries, on a best efforts basis, to understand where the expansion will take place, level of investment, potential job creation and type of project (manufacturing, R&D, head office, etc.). The research team also asks questions related to triggers/barriers to the expansion project, as well as the data that would be required to facilitate the site selection process.

6. GIS-based Company Search

Gazelle.ai features GIS company searches down to the zip code level. Users can identify clusters of targeted companies by using any combination of NAICS codes or keywords. By using the keyword search, users can identify emerging industry clusters such as “virtual reality”, “drones”, “space systems”, amongst thousands of others. The map zoom function allows users to pinpoint companies down to a specific street corner. This can help give insight as to the geographical areas in which these emerging industries tend to be located, and why companies in such industries are inclined to choose these given regions.

Gazelle.ai further allows users to draw a customized area on the world map to pinpoint the companies that meet the search parameters and fall within that defined region.

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This is Brittany Witham, signing off for Gazelle.ai!

Engagement Manager

 * by our estimation

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