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Here is a collection of helpful tutorials to get you started on Gazelle.ai. 

We'll start with the Company Finder. This is your first stop to access the millions of companies available on Gazelle, which you can search by industry code, keywords, and business clusters!

Got it? Great! Let's keep going...

In the next video, we can refine our search by using the map and featured list capabilities of Gazelle:

That's not all! Gazelle can also show you the major exhibitors of trade shows to help you plan your outreach and get the very most out of your time on the show floor:

Pretty cool, huh? Next up, we can get even more specific by using the "any" and "all" search modes:

You're a Company Finder pro now! Let's move onto our industry profiles.

In this video, Lizzie walks you through the Occupational Profiles of our Industry Finder:

You may also want to save the companies you've come across so far, so this next video can help you out with that.

Keeping up so far? Good! Time to introduce you to one of our new map selection tool:

Great work! Now, you can take what you've learned to your own organization by exporting directly to your own CRM.

And that's a wrap! You're now fully equipped to start using Gazelle.ai. There's much more to learn and we are always adding new features and updates, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox!

Want to become an advanced Gazelle user, or still have questions about the platform? Simply click on the chat icon in the corner, or reach out to me anytime!

Happy Gazelle-ing!  

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